Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to Issue #1 of the 2014 Journal of Massage Science. We have prepared an exciting issue for you and are hoping that you will find it a helpful resource.

In this issue, we present the recipient of our Appreciation Award for the most valuable, professional massage publication in the United States for 2013.

Our Person of the Month is Angela Bitting, LMT, B.A., who is the winner of our Case of the Month Contest for 2013. Forty-three percent of our readers voted for her contribution, “Medical Massage vs. Twelve Years of Pain” in Issue #3 of JMS. We also greatly appreciate Bojo Shestich, LMT, MMT; Curt Lezanic, LMT, and Cory Fairchild, LMT who found the time to contribute informative articles on their exceptional cases to JMS and share their findings with our readers.

In the Sports Massage Section, we present an article titled “Sports Massage for Fitness Enthusiasts” by Oleg Bouimer, LMT, M.A., our sports massage expert. Since a majority of therapists do not work on professional athletes, we asked Mr. Bouimer to write an overview of sports massage applications for sports enthusiasts. We are sure the incorporation of sports massage into a regular fitness program will help enthusiasts and amateur athletes avoid injuries and help them achieve their desired goals more quickly. In addition, sports-massage applications based on massage science present an excellent business opportunity for practitioners.

In the Medical Massage Section, we have published “Moving Cupping Massage. Silicone Jar Techniques for Fascia Release and Skin Mobilization” by B. Prilutsky, LMT, M.A. and R. Turchaninov, M.D. This technique is an additional clinical tool that practitioners may use to increase soft-tissue rehabilitation targeting superficial fascia and skin.

Our Case of the Month contributor is Holley Eubank, CMT. Her article, “Medical Massage vs. Multilayered Pathology” is an excellent illustration of this medical massage concept. Mrs. Eubank takes readers from the patient’s initial evaluation to the formulation of a medical-massage protocol, through its gradual changes that she developed to achieve optimum clinical results and, finally, through the treatment process itself. The details in her article present an excellent example of her professional expertise.

As usual, in our Good Apples/Bad Apples section you will find many helpful tips in our reviews of articles published in four major, national massage publications: Massage & Bodywork Magazine, Massage Today, Massage Magazine, and Massage Therapy Journal.

Dr. Ross Turchaninov,

Editor in Chief

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