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  2. Good luck! You found great sources which are going to provide you with professional growth! Don't miss Oleg's and Boris's articles in JMS. They sheared with therapists simply remarkable information. Dr. Ross Turchaninov
  3. Since watching the interview of Ryan, the massagenerd, with Oleg Bouimer, I’ve made it my purpose to become proficient in delivering the highest possible service as a Russian Sports Massage Therapist! I’ve purchased his DVD’s, Boris Prilutsky’s volume 7, and I’ve become a member of this fantastic resource! I am grateful that these resources are available to me!
  4. Dear Teresa Sorry for delay, but somehow I missed your message. FND is a very difficult to deal with. Since it is functional brain abnormality its somatic symptoms are consequence rather than actual cause. Thus we can only talk about patching intensity of somatic abnormalities since real problem in the brain function itself. What you may try is very intense, quick but gentle massage strokes targeting large body areas. It is physically very challenging for you but the techniques, their speed and nature must be constantly changed to use activation of different receptors in the soft tissues as a tool trying to alter brain function especially its sensory cortex. It has to be done without any activation of pain analyzing system. If that fails temporary patching more likely is only solution Dr. Ross Turchaninov
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    Art of Balance

    Hello Science of Massage Colleagues, If you please, I am looking for any and all information and your professional Nausea working with FND patients. My client presents with: Nausea, Dizziness, fainting, chest pains, temporary paralysis, loss of speech, unable to recognize family members, unable to understand her speech and cannot write or type. She is greatly improved to a point with spinal decompression, c1 threw c4, aligning, but with the need of twice a week decompression and the repetition of the relaxation of the Trigeminal Nerve Greater Occipital Nerve, Cirvical Paravetebral Muscles as well as worked full spine and making sure her hips are aligned with balanced heels. I daily revisit to SOM Library, I'm loosing ground. I know I'm missing someting! I am seeing slow results if I see her twice a week, decreasing the Migrane to localize it to the central frontal lobe on the right side, from being generally located to the a full blown and her passing out awakening to the previously stated symptoms. This is a gratis client as she was a referal from a friend and has been in this state for three years now, with me being her last resort at prtesent. She lives in the dark generally and the episodes are increasing. She spent 4 days at Mayo two weeks ago and was released, diagnosed with FND. I would greatly appreciate this communities support in suggesting further therapy in this area, PLEASE! Please feel free to respond as soon as you can. Hello to Dr. Ross. Bravo! Kindly, Art of Balance Teresa Massardi PT/LMT
  6. i really liked all the information in both articles and have used this info and proc. in my medical clinic. GREAT JOB Thank you Allen T. "Tim" Stanley
  7. Dear colleagues and readers. I am curious as to how many of you have had the opportunity to read the 2 articles that Dr. Ross and I have co-authored, Science of Oncology Massage Part 1 and 2. We would love your feedback. Professionally, Dr. Cullers
  8. Dear Samsudeen I think you should wait since some children indeed exhibit delay in maturation of eye, visual pathways or visual cortex. Fact that he was able to fix eye side on the light source and follow it is very encouraging. In regard to MT. There is no special MM technique or modality which may assist in this case. However if indeed the delay in maturation is to blame you may speed it up with regular intense full body massage. In such case you stimulate sensory receptors in baby's soft tissues, form powerful sensory input to the cortex and it helps the brain maturation greatly. Since you talked with the Oleg who is author of JMS's articles on Pediatric Massage you saw video of massage application. You have to start slowly with warmed oil and do it daily while gradually increase speed of the strokes while decrease amount of oil used. Be sure to not to use vertical pressure in the soft tissues. the intensity comes from the speed rather than pressure. This is only MT application in your son's case. Other scenarios must be examined pediatricians and neurologists later in his life. Good luck! I hope everything will be fine Dr. Ross Turchaninov
  9. Dear sir, My 5 month old baby was born by full term, normal, institutional deliverey without any complications,but now we found that he is having certain severe complications.The child is responding to light by fixing and following but not looking any objects or even mothers face till date.As per eye examinations by ophthalmologists every development in eye is normal .As per Brain MRI and video EEG no significant abnormalities were observed.Neurologists and ophthalmologists including neuro ophthalmologists told me to wait for either delayed visual maturation or it may be Cortical visual impairment. I'm in deep anxiety ,kindly please suggest me the possibilities of prognosis with massage therapy for even CVI to restore or regain complete vision.Your suggestions are urgently solicited. Thanks & regards, S.Samsudeen, India
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