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  2. Dear Ashely Sorry for such delayed response but for some reasons our system missed several messages and only yesterday during IT tune up we were able to see them. References you asked are textbooks published in Germany (Dr. Glezer/Dr. Dalicho) and in Russian Federation (Dr. Mitichkina). Dr. Dr Glezer/Dr. Dalicho textbook was translated to many European languages and it is used as a basic textbook for all therapists who practice clinical aspects of MT. I didn't find it in English translation. The articles are part of Dr. Mitichkina's textbook in Russian which is used to educate pulmonologists in clinical effectiveness of MM. Link to Nansel review article is here: Somatic dysfunction and the phenomenon of visceral disease simulation: a probable explanation for the apparent effectiveness of somatic therapy in patients presumed to be suffering from true visceral disease - PubMed (nih.gov) The article considers that somatic problems mimic the visceral abnormality and it is partly true but fact that such connection is finally recognized is important step forward since it establishes direct link between somatic and visceral abnormalities on the level of CNS. Since this publication link between visceral and somatic abnormalities was extensively examined and you may check pubmed for scientific articles on this subject. I hope I answered your question Dr. Ross Turchaninov
  3. Sorry for such delay in response but for some reason due to technical problem our system missed several messages and we just found them. We completely re-wrote first edition to spell out all possible details. The book is larger and better illustrated Dr. Ross Turchaninov
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