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  1. Hi Dr. Ross, Today, on Saturday, I had a client, little girl of 9 year old, who was brought to me by her mom, good friend of mine. Last Tuesday the girl had basketball practice, Wednesday morning she woke up with excruciating pain in her foot. She was taken to podiatrist where she had x-ray which showed no sprain, strain or any fracture. The doctor suggested CRPS. After reading what it was I had goosebumps. After examining her today I saw that her ankle was swollen, maybe by 10-15%. She reacted when I examined her spine on L-5 S-1, there was no pain on other spine segments. No sign of active trigger point on piriformis muscle. I couldn't even touch her on therapy point of sciatic nerve and on its pass way down to the knee and same on tibial nerve pass down to the ankle. She did not react on tapping on peronial nerve therapy point. There is a lot of pain around her ankle, but not on her heel. I tried to start tibial nerve neuralgia protocol, but even light lymphatic drainage strokes made her cry. I have to say she is quite a diva, but obviously the pain is genuine. Do you have any suggestions?
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