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  1. i really liked all the information in both articles and have used this info and proc. in my medical clinic. GREAT JOB Thank you Allen T. "Tim" Stanley
  2. Thank you, I will do, and keep you informed on his prognosis.
  3. Greetings Dr. Ross, I am a student at WTC, under Jeff Wood. My passion is MM and signed up for June's course with you. I have meet a friend that has MSA wondered what protocols I could use to help him with this. I have been meeting with him on a bi-weekly base, I have done: Connective Tissue mid back, and shoulder protocol and he has seened more ease in right shoulder. Also done SRM in spine helped him with stress & ROM. He also done PK-IV from DC, he just started this one session, so what else can you help me with this? Thank you, Allen T. "Tim" Stanley
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