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  1. Dr. Ross, I hope all is well. let me first just say what a treat it has been since I began subscribing to the video library on your site, its a true gem of data and instruction! I have received approval from my employer (MVP Physical Therapy - Starfire Sports Soccer Complex home of the Sounders FC-) to conduct a pilot class I am designing about the expanded use of manual percussion. Because most of my research centers around what was published in your book, Therapeutic Massage - A scientific Approach, I wanted to thank you for your hard work in indexing all the research references that support your books information. May I ask, which of the research references were specifically for the section of your book on manual percussion. Don't feel you have to give me the titles, If you can just give me the numbered range of the applicable references in the back of the book, I'll do the rest. I was hoping to find the original research somewhere on line, examine the research design so that I could to a general unpacking of the material for my volunteer class. If you can find the time, this would be greatly appreciated, and help me bring this powerful vibro-compressive technique back on the map for many American massage therapists whose use of manual percussion is very limited, because of various reasons.
  2. Yes. I think I share the sentiments of many that appreciate your explanations of the purposes behind variations on kneading, that it has equipped us with clearer intention and direction with a truly informed therapeutic massage. Question. If I have videos and notes from my Pilot class on Tapotement, may I share brief clips and explanation in this stream of posts? Oleg texted me and suggested that I consider posting some of my Tapotement video content. I think your viewers might enjoy them. My application of Tapotement is heavily influenced by clinical experience, but now greatly refined by the understanding presented in your book.
  3. Hello Dr. Turchaninov, Oleg Buoimer, and all you Science of Massage Institute devotees, I am happy to introduce myself. My name is Christian Green currently practicing out of Washington State. My exposure to SOM is limited to enjoying Oleg Bouimer's dvd range for Russion Sports massage. After having accumulated many massage techniques spanning manual osteopathic assessment/treatment approaches (A.R.T.S ," Lever-Wedge-Screw") basic exposure to neuromuscular and myofacial approaches and protocols for treatment massage. I'm excited to learn more about SOM, and to offer what I have learned as a student of Massage for over 5 years in many different therapy settings. My first offerings will center around what Dr. Turchaninov has written about Tapotement, and a pilot class I am giving on the subject. I have long known that Russion Sports Massage therapists used a lot of tapotement compared to American counterparts, but until I examined Dr. Turchaninov's book "Therapeutic Massage - A Scientific Approach" I didn't understand how diverse the use was, and how meaningful tapotement is. My personal use of tapotement which is also diverse, but lacked the depth of understanding, found greater purpose after considering the book. I hope to share some videos demonstrating how music's hand percussion body mechanics and a sense of rhythm can unlock greater therapeutic potential. Perhaps your experience with tapotement here as well. What questions would you like to have answered about tapotement? More info about me at: www.ChristianGreenLMT.com
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