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  1. Can calf cramps be linked to hip dysplasia and if so, how? Is there anything medical massage can help, specifically, with hip dysplasia? Thanks.
  2. Thank you Dr. Ross. So by the friction am I activating a problematic irritation of subcutaneous nerves (especially since she didn't have any itching before I touched her)? Or was the 'irritation' part of the solution? After she complained I did superficial heat-producing friction is there anything else?
  3. Hi, my name is Sarah Waldhorn and I'm on the cmmp road. Two probably very simple questions: 1) after doing sherbacks friction along spinous processes client got very itchy along paravertebral muscles, she described as when she exercises outside in winter and skin gets itchy. But would the histamine reaction of periosteal friction happen so quickly and in a way that the client feels it? (I thought it was all a more subconscious happening below surface etc). Or could it rather have been some kind of irritation of subcutaneous nerve branches? 2) can metatarsal necrosis be an isolated (so to speak I know nothing is truly isolated) phenomena? Patient never complained of low back pain and never had plantar fasciitis I would think she would have had something like these presenting before the fall into necrosis, no?
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