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  1. Ross and Galina in this case I recommended to use a cool therapy around the tendon cover with a thin towel ( no directly to the tendons ) just the soft tissues in the plantar area or in the upper part of the gastrocnemius ( no in the Avilés tendon ) to reduce the pain and do LDM around the area of the tendon. I used in the past this to get some kind of analgesia effect in combination with a Gel with Diclofenaco ( Voltaren Gel) and then when the swollen subsid I do more ease the LDM in the unkle Protocol from the video library ,. with good results ,. I did a Ice bag with a light pressure for 15 minutes in and intermiten way and I recommended do the same to the patient every two hours the rest of the day and the swollen go away 50% and after to days I give the LDM and the unkle Protocol ,. Make sense for you ? Any comments?
  2. Great news , I just start review the comments in this section of the web page, I thing this will make the road flat for all the ones we are living using the science of massage and have strong arguments to spread the Science of Massage in our communities. Dr. Ross I await for more news about this matter. Juan Luis Ordaz Sabag DVM, LMT
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