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The patient has spondylosis: L3-L4, L4-L5 bulging disks, L5-S1 herniated. The left Knee arthritis "bone to bone". Complained about sharp pain down IT band which also radiates down to her calf and the lateral side of the foot. She doesn't want to do the knee surgery, however there is no ROM in the knee, it is "locked". The right hip has degenerative changes, glut medius tendinosis. The patient complains about pain all over her body as well. 

She also has C3-C4 with nerve impingement, the right side of the neck is in pain. She gets steroid shots in her neck and the knee. It doesn't help. She had back problems for a long time "on and off", but since the car accident 4years ago she started to deteriorate. I understand that I need to treat one than the other. Plus, since I am a novice, I promised to do the research and maybe refer her to the therapist. How medical massage can help? Thank you!

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You may help but with her knee you can't promise recovery since it looks like the deterioration went too far. If she doesn't want to to surgery you may only reduce intensity of pain and you should address it with upper lumbalgia, QL muscle protocols and later add protocol for knee osteoarthritis. If while doing that she isn't responding well it is tool late for MMT


Dr. Ross


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