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Multiple System Atrophay

Allen T Stanley

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Greetings Dr. Ross,

 I am a student at WTC, under Jeff Wood.  My passion is MM and signed up for June's course with you.  I have meet a friend that has MSA wondered what protocols I could use to help him with this.  

 I have been meeting with him on a bi-weekly base, I have done: Connective Tissue mid back, and shoulder protocol and he has seened more ease in right shoulder.  Also done SRM in spine helped him with stress & ROM.

He also done PK-IV from DC, he just started this one session, so what else can you help me with this?

Thank you,

Allen T. "Tim" Stanley

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Hi Allen

This is very complex neurological abnormality with very unfortunate course and prognosis. MM is not decisive therapy in this case it it mostly maintains quality of the life. Try to use principles of therapy for Parkinson's Disease from Medical Massage Volume I since MSA and Parkinson share some common traits.


Dr. Ross Turchaninov

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