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Hello, I have a patient who travels extensively & uses the affected right side to carry his bags. He initially complained of pain on the lateral posterior side of his elbow that was beginning to radiate towards his biceps. I noticed bunching of muscles on the palm of his hand. He went to his doctor who had no answer for him regarding it other than an offer to surgically remove it. It appears flexor digitorum superficialis tendon is pulling the Adductor pollicis muscle. I have been treating for ulnar nerve neuralgia. He was negative for anterior scalene  & pectoralis minor syndrome. I wanted to check if I'm on the correct path to his recovery. Included are some images of his hand. 




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Sorry for the delay. Your patient has Dupuytren's Contracture. The protocol is in Medical Massage Volume I. Considering intensity more likely you won't be able to completely eliminate it but you should decrease the intensity and prevent him from getting surgery. However he has to do daily maintenance: evening hand bath in hot water with a lot of Epson or table salt and stretch under the water, passive stretching of 3-5 fingers (5 repetitions) in the hyper extension separately and together during the long exhalation (it must be done every two hours while you are working on his hand and 3-4 times per day after that), wear gloves when do any manual labor or playing golf

Dr. Ross Turchaninov

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