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medical training rocks

Carole Jackson

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I love my career path. Through chair massage at the South Seminole Farm and Nursery, we educated the community about medical massage and raised nearly $200 for Christian Help--a local charity known for successfully preventing homelessness!

The highlight of the fundraiser was the lady w pain preventing her from standing straight. After massage, she walked upright and announced to a staffer, "I'm 50% better! I get massage regularly, but that was different! Wow; this much relief in 15 minutes!" The staffer explained, "The difference is that therapist has advanced training in medical massage. "

The difference between medical massage and therapeutic massage is like comparing a general broadcast that maybe brings relief as opposed to targeted precision similar to laser guidance. Medical massage is clinically tested protocols that target root causes.

Being a licensed massage therapist with medical training rocks!



When I posted the above description on LMT Facebook groups, it generated a discussion about what is medical massage vs therapeutic massage. A few therapists are inquiring, I directed them to this website. Maybe you'll soon see them in your classes!

BTW, the lady experiencing such great results from the chair massage presented with severe, scoliosis. I have recently been learning SOM protocol for scoliosis, so I modified it for the chair working mostly lumbar and added some upper glut tx. Imagine what she will realized once she gets full scoliosis protocol and learns self care!

I have been in touch with her since the event. She claimed that the release continued to more than 50%. But, after doing hard labor with landscaping project, she returned to sever pain and says she has no choice but to continue the hard labor for several weeks. 

What I wonder is whether she is putting herself at risk for going more fully into a state of no return!!! Any ideas on that and how to present that concept to her? 

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I now have a couple clients who are committed to MM support for scoliosis. They are doing great! In one case we even have before and after pictures. Here is the link incase anyone is interested. Thank you for all your support, Dr Ross.

https://www.restoredbytouch.com/scoliosis-specialty/ The person featured in the pictures continues to improve. She just graduated from 2 sessions per month to 1 session per month. At least we will try that given her ability to hold tx results during travel to Europe that included a lot of hiking.

The trip pushed her tx out to 3 weeks. She's doing so well despite the typical impact of such a journey that we expect the 4 week plan will serve her well. In addition to the typical therapeutic protocol recommended by Dr. Ross in his textbook, we have been extending the session to include more in depth work. At times we it's the rhomboid syndrome protocol at others we target the iliopsoas. We choose the add-on in relationship to the clinical symptoms presenting at that time.

Thank you, Dr. Ross for all your support! I'm assuming the added targeted work is acceptable given the great results. Please do advise / comment if you have more insight to share re Ss tx.

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