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Medical massage in hospital setting

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I have a question for group members. Is anyone currently performing medical massage in a hospital setting? I will be on a discussion panel for student day at the Illinois AMTA conference in April to discuss medical massage as a career. I would be interested to hear anyone's story on how they got involved with the hospital. I'm sure this question will come up.

My own personal experience has always led to a dead end with regards to getting any response from trying to establish contacts with the local hospitals.

I would appreciate any knowledge you had to share.


Mike Devo

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On 4/11/2018 at 2:49 PM, Dr. Ross Turchaninov said:

In September we will train entire PT department of Barrow Neurological Institute which is world leading scientific and treatment facility. They consider to open MT depratement under control of PTs. I will let you know. if that happened it will make lives of other therapists easier 

Dr. Ross Turchaninov

Great news , I just start review the comments in this section of the web page, I thing this will make the road flat for all the ones we are living using the science of massage and have strong arguments to spread the Science of Massage in our communities.  Dr. Ross I await for more news about this matter. 

Juan Luis Ordaz Sabag DVM, LMT 

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