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Dear sir,

My 5 month old baby was born by full term, normal, institutional deliverey without any complications,but now we found that he is having certain severe complications.The child is responding to light by fixing and following but not looking any objects or even mothers face till date.As per eye examinations by ophthalmologists every development in eye is normal .As per Brain MRI and video EEG no significant abnormalities were observed.Neurologists and ophthalmologists including neuro ophthalmologists told me to wait for either delayed visual maturation or it may be Cortical visual impairment. I'm in deep anxiety ,kindly please suggest me the possibilities of prognosis with massage therapy for even CVI to restore or regain complete vision.Your suggestions are urgently solicited.

Thanks & regards,



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Dear Samsudeen

I think you should wait since some children indeed exhibit delay in maturation of eye, visual pathways or visual cortex. Fact that he was able to fix eye side on the light source and follow it is very encouraging. In regard to MT. There is no special MM technique or modality which may assist in this case. However if indeed the delay in maturation is to blame you may speed it up with regular intense full body massage. In such case you stimulate sensory receptors in baby's soft tissues, form powerful sensory input to the cortex and it helps the brain maturation greatly. Since you talked with the Oleg who is author of JMS's articles on Pediatric Massage you saw video of massage application. You have to start slowly with warmed oil and do it daily while gradually increase speed of the strokes while decrease amount of oil used. Be sure to not to use vertical pressure in the soft tissues. the intensity comes from the speed rather than pressure. This is only MT application in your son's case. Other scenarios must be examined pediatricians and neurologists later in his life. Good luck! I hope everything will be fine

Dr. Ross Turchaninov

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