Medical Massage Seminar in Johnson City, TN September 27-29, 2019

For training in individual MM protocols, Day of ‘Introduction to MM’ is required.
No pre-requirements to register for your first Day of ‘Introduction to MM’ or for ‘MM Techniques’ Day.



Presenter: Dr. Ross Turchaninov, MD, PhD, LMT

Location: Reflections of Health School of Massage, 1604 Lamons LN., Ste 207 A, Johnson City, TN. 37604, 423-929-3331

Hours: 24 CEs approved by NCBTMB

Dates:  Friday, Saturday & Sunday, September 27, 28 & 29, 2019

Time:   9:00 am to 6:00 pm all three days

Included:  Friday:  Introduction to Medical Massage from Theory to Application                   

                  Saturday: Hands-on basic Medical Massage Techniques

                  Sunday:  Hands-on for Chronic Middle Back Pain/Rhomboid Muscle Syndrome and Intercostal Nerve Neuralgia

Registration Fee:  $550 for three days, 24 CEU, $370 for two days, 16 CEU or $185 for one day, 8 CEU



Friday:  Introduction to Medical Massage from Theory to Application.

This day of lecture takes you on an exhilarating ride through Massage Science.  It stimulates and challenges your mind and opens your professional horizons.  This day will answer all the questions you’ve wanted answers to throughout your professional career.  Together we build for you a mental vision of the Medical Massage Concept eventually transforming you into a Massage Clinician.

Saturday: Hands-on Training in Basic Medical Massage Techniques.

This is the day for hands-on training in basic Medical Massage Techniques.  This hands-on training will optimize your basic Medical Massage skills to be clinically efficient for application of Medical Massage protocols.  You will delight in learning the 60 different massage techniques developed by the Western School of Massage Therapy including such ‘gourmet’ therapies as effleurage with unequally distributed pressure, double scrolling kneading, Sarkisov-Sirasini’s Friction, etc.  To use these techniques efficiently takes your practice to the elite level.  You will also learn correct body mechanics to support fluidity of technique application and to protect your body for a long and productive career.

Sunday:  Chronic Middle Back Pain, Intercostal Nerve Neuralgia. 

Today all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.  Using hands-on training we establish a logical understanding of the scientifically based pattern of soft tissue rehabilitation using the Medical Massage Concept.  The second you experience the “aha” moment you will begin to use the same pattern over and over to formulate Medical Massage Protocols for more than 70 of the most common somatic disorders SOMI explains in publications and shows you in the Video Library. 

Hands-on training will focus on Chronic Middle Back Pain/ Rhomboid Muscle Syndrome and Intercostal Nerve Neuralgia/Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  We focus on anatomy and physiology of Rhomboid Muscles and Intercostal Nerves.



Author, teacher and physician Dr. Ross Turchaninov is the founder of The Science of Massage Institute (SOMI) and is recognized as America’s leading expert in scientifically based therapy.  He has published more than 50 articles in medical journals and authored three books, including Medical Massage, Volume I Second Edition, considered the authority on Medical Massage in America.  His institute has analyzed and distilled the last 100 years of clinical trials from throughout the Western World to bring you incontrovertible evidenced based learning at the highest level.

Only the Science of Massage Institute can guarantee that every technique and protocol is backed by scientific and clinical data, gives personal instruction from Dr. Turchaninov and provides incredible support materials including our exclusive Video Library that makes Medical Massage fun and easy. 

This is the only strictly science-based massage education program in the United States which has been scientifically tested by Saybrook University and is now being successfully used in major hospitals and Medical Institutions including Barrow Neurological Institute and St Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Bring to class linens and cradle cover (paper towel), lotion or oil and hand sanitizer.  Bring a jacket or blanket if you are usually cold in a classroom.  Dress comfortably in clothing that allows you to practice treatments without restraint or exposure.  If you are local and driving, we ask that you bring your massage tables and cradle.  You will receive a copy of the weekend outline, course materials and a comprehensive marketing kit.  When you register for the seminar you will receive an email notice that the billing went through and a confirmation giving you more details.  Books will be available to purchase throughout the weekend. 

For more information, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  For additional information or to register for a portion of the 3-day seminar call Science of Massage Institute (SOMI) at (602) 953-2945, maryp.science@cox.net.  You can register here on the SOMI website for any 3-day class.



Our program requires that you take 96 hours of training. 

2 days of Introduction to Medical Massage from Theory to Application

1 day of Hands-on Techniques for Medical Massage

9 days of a variety of Hands-on Focus Subjects


Plus, two 4-hour personal classes with Dr. Ross.

1) The first of the 4-hour classes “How to Evaluate Your Clients Condition” is usually held on the Thursday prior to the weekend seminar.  You learn how to track the pain so you’re treating the actual source of the innervation.  To be eligible for Evaluation you need:

a. 2 days of Introduction to Medical Massage from Theory to Application 

b. 1 Medical Massage Technique day - the basis for all Medical Massage  

c. 2 hands-on days for any focus subjects you choose.

2) The second of the 4-hour required classes for CMMP is, “Ask, Show & Tell” so YOU ask the questions and Dr. Ross will show & tell you the answers. This class can be held on Thursday or in the evenings after the seminar Saturday and Sunday.  You can take this class on the same weekend that you fulfill your final requirements for CMMP training.   


Call the office to register for either of these two, 4-hour personal classes with Dr. Ross or to register for less than the full 3-day course.   

For more details about how to become a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner, CMMP, go to www.scienceofmassage.com and click CERTIFICATION tab.  More information is available in the red FAQ button, upper right.  This is first come, first served, so contact the office at SOMI to confirm the times and reserve your spot or to address any unanswered questions, (602) 953-2945, maryp.science@cox.net