Medical Massage Seminar in Phoenix, AZ May 6-7, 2023


For training in individual MM protocols, Day of ‘Introduction to MM’ is required.
No pre-requirements to register for your first Day of ‘Introduction to MM’ or for ‘MM Techniques’ Day.


Presenter: Dr. Ross Turchaninov, MD, PhD, LMT

16 Medical Massage CEs approved by NCBTMB


Location: Novakovic Family Practice, 20823 N Cave Creek Rd, Suite #102, Phoenix, AZ 85382 

Dates: Saturday and Sunday , May 6 & 7, 2023

Hours:  9:00 am to 6:00 pm both days

Saturday: Rotator Cuff Syndrome – Hands-on Training Course

Sunday: Lower Back Pain – Hands-On Training Course

Registration Fee: 2-days for $370. If you’ve already attended a SOMI’s Live Seminar OR Webinar training Medical Massage Theory and Soft Tissue Evaluation (Medical Massage Concept) you can select 1-day for $185



We changed our Medical Massage seminar settings: 

  1. SOMI seminars are highly curated and limited. We, therefore, aspire to work with therapists dedicated to the clinical application of Massage Therapy and who are going to be decisive in-patient care. If you are looking only for CEU’s please consider other educational sources to give space to committed candidates.  
  2. We are moving to smaller class sizes to provide therapists with more personal attention and expedite their professional growth in the Medical Massage field.
  3. We will offer some online classes to help therapists finish their Medical Massage Certification program sooner.
  4. We encourage therapists who already took SOMI’s seminars to get in touch with our instructors and our former and current students for ongoing support and clinical guidance in complex treatment cases.


Saturday: Rotator Cuff Syndrome/Frozen Shoulder

Injury or tension within rotator cuff muscles or Rotator Cuff Syndrome (RCS) is a leading cause of Adhesive Capsulitis, also known as Frozen Shoulder (FS). Rehabilitation of the full-blown FS is a very complex and lengthy process, and very frequently, the patients end up with very controversial surgeries. That is why correct management of RCS is a vital therapy that prevents debilitating complications.

During the class, we discuss the complex anatomy and physiology of the shoulder joint, step-by-step evaluation of each component of the rotator cuff mechanism, and examination of humeral-scapular rhythm. Finally, in the hands-on part of the class, we will discuss the Medical Massage Protocol for the treatment of Rotator Cuff Syndrome.

Sunday: Medical Massage Protocol for Lower Back Pain (Lumbalgia)

Lower Back Pain (LBP) is a general name for many syndromes that contribute to this widespread pathology. In other words, it is a multifaced enemy. Clinical success depends on the ability of the therapist to correctly identify and target the initial triggers rather than secondary syndromes, which are frequently the most prominent.

During this course, we will cover the anatomy and pathology of the lumbar area, necessary evaluation and testing skills to develop the correct treatment strategy for tension in the Lumbar Erectors, Quadratus Lumborum muscle, and rotators.


SOMI’s CEU training program has been tested by Saybrook University where the United States’ first PhD in Medical Massage was awarded to our former student Dr. Karen Moody, PhD, CMMP, LMT. SOMI’s Medical Massage protocols are being successfully used in major hospitals and medical institutions such as the Barrow Neurological Institute, Dignity Health, St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Centers among others. Our publications are widely used by the Integrative Medicine Department of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester as well as universities, colleges and massage schools across the nation  

About presenter: Dr. Ross Turchaninov 

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We have some questions that have been answered in the FAQs, upper right.  For therapists new to SOMI, please visit the Journal of Massage Science to get and in-depth understanding the valuable professional information we offer during our training.  To receive information from SOMI, please register under FREE REGISTRATION at www.scienceofmassage.com. If you would like to speak to someone in the office, please call (602) 404-1583, or email aesculapr@hotmail.com 

We look forward to seeing you soon and advancing your practice together!