Medical Massage Seminar in Sarasota, FL November 12-14, 2022


For training in individual MM protocols, Day of ‘Introduction to MM’ is required.
No pre-requirements to register for your first Day of ‘Introduction to MM’ or for ‘MM Techniques’ Day.


Dear Friends and Colleagues,
This Medical Massage Seminar in Florida on August 20-22 is conducted by Science Of Massage Institute’s instructor, Shea Shulman, LMT, CMMP. Seminar Program:
Day 1 – Introduction to Medical Massage Theory to Application
Day 2 – Chronic Lower Back Pain
Day 3 – Sciatic Nerve Neuralgia

We encourage therapists to register and learn from one of our best former students, an exceptional Educator and Medical Massage practitioner with years of successful clinical practice, Shea Shulman. Details of registration you may find here: For Practitioners (