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Stop taking countless classes that frequently contradict one another. Our goal is to open your mind so instead of blindly following someone else personal opinion you’ll be able to make your own clinical decisions based strictly on science and data you’ve gathered from your patient.

Remember there are no two similar patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Headache. This is why the strict protocols and techniques which are imposed on therapists have nothing to do with real clinical massage science. The box mentality doesn’t work in clinical cases.

We will teach, support and nurture you until you become an independently thinking massage clinician and be able to deliver predictable clinical results in a relatively short time.


Our 96 hour Medical Massage Certification Program provides direct assistance and training, escalating novice students to Level 3 of becoming Competent Medical Massage Practitioners. At this point our students are able to build their own clinical skills by gradually engaging clinical intuition. This is why we see Level 4 and Level 5 as personal professional growth and development.

We provide support to our students all the way up the pyramid until they reach the peak of their professional expertise as Medical Massage Clinicians.