Australian Massage Therapy Association Journal 12(3), September 2001

With this book (Therapeutic Massage. A Scientific Approach) we have come full circle. For over one hundred years, massage texts have gone through dramatic changes: from medical text, via gymnastic manuals to physiotherapy, a detour through the new age/hippie culture and now to a proper scientific text by Dr. R. Turchaninov.

The massage practitioner and educator will find this book an essential reference. It shows all the best research backing for our profession and is completely up to date. The book has an incredible reference list (350 in all). Research is drawn from the whole world and it is far superior to the previous best compilations.

In addition to the superb coverage of research, the book details all the effects of massage on the various bodily systems and supports with a theoretical background, right down to the cellular and tissue level.

The section on techniques occupies nearly half the book with each of the 7 basic massage techniques having many divisions (60 in all). These techniques are much more refined than the methods normally found in massage schools. Author’s scientific approach to the massage therapy is evident at every turn. This textbook a must for each professional massage practitioner and the more serious massage school.

D. Yee, MP