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Join our Medical Massage Certification Program. A Medical Massage practice has brought a six figure income to many of our students. Here are quotes from interviews of two of our former students who are now very successful CMMPs:

“I charge $110 an hour. I average between 30 to 40 treatments per week for about 48 weeks a year, so my practice generates between $158,000 to $200,000 in revenue a year, before taxes and expenses.”

 S. Ryason, CMMP, LMT (for full interview please click here)

“I had income of $117,000. All of this revenue was generated by medical massage. Currently I reduced my hours by roughly half. If I decided to increase my practice to full-time again, I would easily generate $130,000 in revenue.”

 Curt Lezanic, CMMP, LMT (for full interview please click here)