What is The Science of Massage Institute?

We are a research and teaching institute dedicated to elevating the massage profession In America and making it an essential part of Integrated Medicine. Every single concept, protocol and technique we teach is incontrovertibly proven by the last 100 years of research and scientific clinical studies from the entire Western World.

Where did this information come from?

Refer to our home page and click on the “Medical Massage Rich History” slider to see the fascinating timeline of the development of Medical Massage.

Who is Dr. Ross Turchaninov?

He is America’s premier authority on Medical Massage and the founder of The Science of Massage Institute. Dr. Ross Turchaninov is a medical doctor and surgeon from Ukraine where he specialized in trauma and post-traumatic rehabilitation. He has a PhD in Orthopedic and Rehabilitation. He is a licensed massage therapist and chiropractor. He has spoken throughout the world and has authored more than 50 scientific articles in professional medical journals. He studied Medical Massage in 7 different countries. He analyzed more than the last 100 years of clinical trials in massage throughout the entire Western World and then he wrote the first book on science based Medical Massage written in English – ever. Integrative medicine is the fastest growing medical concept in the world and Medical Massage is one of its most important components. We welcome you to be a part of this movement.


What does the Science of Massage Institute provide?

Complete training in science based Medical Massage, communication with Dr. Ross and other science based experts in our field, almost 1000 references, history of Medical Massage and time line from the last 100 years, success stories written by our CMMP practitioners, videos for those who are visual learners, books for those who need a complete guide to every detail and resource, information in the quarterly Journal of Massage Science where the answers are already there for you, 3-day seminars that can take you from start to finish and thousands of other practitioners to connect with and talk to about your issues and your journey.


What are the requirements to become a SOMI Certified Medical Massage Practitioner?

To become a CMMP you must accumulate from our seminars 96 total hours (12 days) of training and then 8 hours of personal training from Dr. Ross divided into two 4-hour sessions.

What specific seminar days do I need I need to become a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner (CMMP)?

You must have 1 day of Medical Massage Techniques, which injects science into your Therapeutic and Stress Reduction Massage and is the basic component of all massage.  Everyone truly loves this day whether you are practicing Therapeutic and Stress Reduction Massage, Sports Massage or Medical Massage.  This is your day to maximize the 7 basic massage techniques you use every day utilizing a scientific perspective.

For a CMMP certification you will need 2 days of Lecture to help you internalize an understanding of the Medical Massage Concept, which is the foundation for all that follows.  When you first attend a SOMI Medical Massage seminar you are required to take the Lecture day to enable you to truly integrate the entire the weekend training in Medical Massage.  For CMMP you do need to repeat this Lecture day at some point in your schedule prior to receiving your CMMP Certificate.  This will help you greatly to dialogue with physicians, chiropractors, hospital professionals in your area and, of course, your family and clientele.

In addition, you’ll need 9 days of hands on training in a variety of different Focus Subjects. Three of the Focus Subject days cover two subjects in one day and these count as one day toward your CMMP Certification.  The Focus Subjects we are presenting in this year’s Medical Massage seminars are:

Piriformis Muscle Syndrome/Sciatica, a.k.a. ‘Key to the Lower Extremity’
Anterior Scalene Muscle Syndrome/Thoracic Outlet, a.k.a. ‘Silent Killer’
Rotator Cuff Syndrome/Subacromial Bursitis, a.k.a. ‘Elusive Shoulder Pain’
TMJ Dysfunction (morning) & Positioining Vertigo (afternoon)
Osteoarthritis (OA)
Soft Tissue Trauma/Leg Compartment Syndromes (morning) Plantar Fasciitis (afternoon)
Cervical Pain/Trapezius and Levator Scapulae Syndromes, a.k.a. ‘Cervical Tragedy’
Carpal Tunner Syndrome (morning) and Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow (afternoon)
Chronic Headaches
Chronic Middle Back Pain, Intercostal Nerve Neuralgia, a.k.a. ‘Midthoracic Failure’
Chronic Lower Back Pain, a.k.a. ‘Lumbago/Joker of Pain’

What does ‘focus subject’ mean? 

For each seminar we select one or more MEDICAL MASSAGE PROTOCOLs from the 70 that are available from the Medical Massage Volume I, Second Edition book, to use as examples of how to apply the basic concepts of Medical Massage in clinical practice. Sometimes we have a day that includes two focus subjects.  In that case you do learn two different Protocols but the day will still count as one 8-hour day for CEUs.  The focus subject is hands-on application of Medical Massage focusing on a preselected pathology.  Our goal is to make you clinically effective AND independently thinking. As soon as you internalize the Medical Massage concept you can apply it to other somatic pathologies with similar success. 

Various Focus Subjects we offer:

Piriformis Muscle Syndrome/Sciatica, a.k.a. ‘Key to the Lower Extremity’

Anterior Scalene Muscle Syndrome/Thoracic Outlet, a.k.a. ‘Silent Killer’

Rotator Cuff Syndrome/Subacromial Bursitis, a.k.a. ‘Elusive Shoulder Pain’

TMJ Dysfunction (morning) & Positioning Vertigo (afternoon)

Osteoarthritis (OA)

Soft Tissue Trauma/Leg Compartment Syndromes (morning) Plantar Fasciitis (afternoon)

Cervical Pain/Trapezius and Levator Scapulae Syndromes, a.k.a. ‘Cervical Tragedy’

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (morning) and Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow (afternoon)

Chronic Headaches

Chronic Middle Back Pain, Intercostal Nerve Neuralgia, a.k.a. ‘Midthoracic Failure’

Chronic Lower Back Pain, a.k.a. ‘Lumbago/Joker of Pain’

Where do I access Seminar Focus Subject information?

On our Seminars web page, we have a chart below the individual seminar doors.  You can look at this chart to quickly assess where each focus subject is being taught. Then click the door, or doors, of your choice for more details.

List of Focus Subjects and their Definitions

More information about the two 4-hour sessions with Dr. Ross (Evaluation and Ask, Show, Tell)? 

We offer two extremely helpful 4 hour sessions where you work directly with Dr. Ross Turchaninov.   

The first session ‘EVALUATING YOUR CLIENT CAMP’ is a step-by-step Evaluation of the patient which includes visual observation, clinical interview and layer by layer palpation. Learning how to find the source of the innervation for every client you have for the rest of your career will be the greatest gift for your practice.  Schedule evaluation after you have completed 2 days of Introduction to Medical Massage from Theory to Application lecture class and at least 2 days of Focus Subject Protocols and 1 day of Basic Medical Massage Techniques. 

The last personal 4 hour session with Dr. Ross is ‘ASK, SHOW AND TELL CAMP,’ when you bring your questions about techniques or their applications, unsolved and solved cases for a final update of the independent clinical reasoning.  Dr. Ross will SHOW and TELL you the answers.  This last session with Dr. Ross can be scheduled to coincide with the last weekend seminar you need to reach the goal of 96 hours for your CMMP. 

To schedule, contact The Science of Massage Institute office (602) 953-2945.  We try our best to coordinate this with your last seminar to save you as much travel and time as we can.   The cost is $400 per 4 hour meeting.  Both Evaluation and Ask, Show & Tell are held the Thursday prior to the seminars but please check with us a month or two out so Dr. Ross can schedule his time.  It is on a first come basis.  These two sessions are best experienced months apart so you have the time to absorb the information and practice it.  Click here for a sample of the instructions and confirmation when you book a Client Evaluation session or “Show and Tell” with Dr. Ross.

When and where do I take the final sessions with Dr. Ross?

We’ve arranged in most cases to have Dr. Ross available the day before our seminars start, sometimes in the same location that is hosting the seminar and sometimes in a quiet part of the lobby of the Hotel. This is all set up in advance but you do need to call and notify the office if you need either the “EVALUATING YOUR CLIENT” class which is generally booked from 9:00 to 1:00 pm or the “ASK, SHOW & TELL” class which is generally booked from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  You can arrange this scheduling with our office, maryp.science@cox.net or call (602) 953-2945.

How long will it take me to earn my CMMP certification?

That varies with each candidate. We have found that the most effective way to integrate this material is to create enough time between seminar classes to practice and absorb the information.  Once you attend your first seminar you are grandfathered into that set of requirements so that if at any time in the future we increase the number of hours, you can rely on these requirements so you feel comfortable with taking all the time you need to attend seminars in your area over a long period of time.

What are the costs for me to take the CMMP Program?

There is no enrollment fee for the CMMP program. There are no extra costs for the 12 days of CE seminar classes. These classes cost the same whether you are coming to a seminar for the first and only time or you are completing your hours for the CMMP program.  The most cost effective way to accumulate your hours for the CMMP program is to attend seminars that offer two focus subjects and take classes in and around your area. It takes longer, but it’s worth it.  It is a career and the benefit is that if you even just take one seminar and learn the protocol for, say, Chronic Headaches and helped 90% of all the people in your area with headaches you would make an amazing living and be beloved for the rest of your days.  We support you whether you take 1 year to finish your program or 10.  In fact, the most successful CMMP people go at their own pace and practice everything from each class they attend.  They incorporate the information and then add new info to absorb.

For instance, you could attend the first 3-day seminar with Medical Massage Concept, Medical Massage Techniques and 1 focus subject = $550 for which you would receive 3 days of Continuing Education Units (CEU).

Your next seminar can also be 3 days and you choose one that has Medical Massage Concept and 2 Focus Subject days = $550.

With 2 Focus Subject days in many of the scheduled seminars you could take the last 6 Focus Subject classes in 3 seminars at an average of $185 per day X 6 = $1,110.

The only additional fee involved in the program is for the personal training sessions with Dr. Ross. That cost is $400 for each 4-hour session.

Who is welcome?

Absolutely everyone!  Those with massage training will receive Continuing Education Hours and a certificate for framing showing that you attended a science based Medical Massage Seminar.   We are licensed in all states where we offer seminar training.  We conform to that particular state standard and where it is required, we register your hours with the state (as in the case of Florida).  We welcome physicians, nurses, chiropractors, physical therapists and anyone else who is interested in understanding what Medical Massage can treat successfully and why.  Unfortunately, we do not at this time give these disciplines renewal hours for attendance.

When will your certificate be presented?

We will present you with your 11 X 14” CMMP certificate during the last seminar you attend when the requirements are met for CMMP and your personal classes with Dr. Ross completed.  Your certificate will be presented to you on that weekend training in front of the class with applause for your hard work and an explanation of your amazing accomplishments.

How does the Science of Massage promote your business?

Please peruse this website to find the myriad ways we promote you. Look at Case Studies, Issues, Medical Massage, News, Person of the Month and Stress Reduction Massage.  Check out the CERTIFICATION tab and Meet our CMMPs.  Prior to receiving your Certified Medical Massage Practitioner certification you’ll send us your bio and a picture for publication for publication in the next issue of the Journal of Massage Science and we add your name to the most elite team of Medical Massage practitioners in the United States.  WE feature you in Journal of Massage Science which goes out to  tens of thousands.  There is no competition and Medical Massage is exploding with new  possibilities every day. Clients in pain contact us from all over the country looking for Medical Massage Clinicians in their area.  Many of our News from the Clinic, Case Studies and Case of the Month articles are written by our graduates.  It is an immense honor for us to publish your experiences and successes by a well-respected Journal in the industry. 

For more information on the CMMP program you’re welcome to contact the office at maryp.science@cox.net or (602) 953-2945