Why is Science of Massage Institute making this course available?

While word of mouth is a powerful force in building a practice, there are many others you can reach as a therapist who would have otherwise never have heard of you. In order to do this, you need to market yourself. This course has been designed to make marketing less intimidating and to focus on mastering basics that will make you successful. You will end the course feeling confident in your ability to market your practice online.

If I already have a successful practice, will I benefit from this course?

Absolutely. There is always room to improve the basics and this course will serve as an opportunity to refine your knowledge. Since there is an email coaching component, intermediate to advanced applications of the marketing principles can be learned.

Do I need to have my own practice to benefit from this course?

We welcome massage therapists from all types of businesses to this course. Even if you work for another company, it is essential to have an effective web presence of your own. 

Do I need to sign up for any software for this course?

The marketing principles from this course are not platform specific. For example, you could do email marketing with Mailchimp or Active Campaign or Constant Contact and still be able to apply what you learn. This course intentionally instructs around being successful with minimal cost to your business. While there are such tools such as InfusionSoft, SalesForce or Adobe Marketing Cloud, you do not need to spend thousand of dollars to get your practice to over a $100,000 income.

Will I learn website design skills from this course?

No. This course focuses on mastering the most important concepts in digital marketing first. Many therapists make the mistake of designing a pretty but ineffective website without considering fundamentals such as call to actions, user flow and website structure. When you understand these basics, design is much easier to learn and will yield drastically better results.

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