“I feel that nothing anywhere else could give me the tools necessary to advance me in clinical application of massage. I have taken many other classes, and this is the one I trust the most because I know it is 100% scientifically based. I have already helped many clients of mine using what I’ve learned from SOMI.”

Veronica Selby, LMT, CMMP

“These classes have transformed every aspect of my 35 years of practice. I feel it as the most comprehensive and effective approaches to pathologies of the human body.”

Nick Ciranni, LMT, CMMP

“SOMI classes already set me apart from therapists I work with. My skill set and professional verbiage have changed dramatically. My patients are shocked what ‘massage’ can do and how they improved while many appointments to PTs and DCs offices didn’t help them at all.”

Nikki Hernandez, LMT, CMMP

“SOMI’s program profoundly has changed my practice.”

Brian Boetel, LMT, CMMP

“The science behind SOMI’s training is phenomenal. I feel that I can ABSOLUTELY 100% trust this training to be correct, due to vast research it is based on, and Dr. Ross extensive training and expertise.”

Jazmine Ryan, LMT

“SOMI’s training is very different and better than any massage school. Dr. Ross hank you for the new gift!”

Diana Cerrillo, LMT

“Very factual type of approach that is science-based and effective when done correctly. Thank you!”

Bobby Martinez, LMT

“SOMI already enhances my practice from growing great results and these patients in turn referring me their friends and family members. I stopped ALL advertising and relay only on physicians’ referrals and personal references from my patients.”

Carolynn Anderson, LMT, CMMP

“I am program director for massage therapy program and will begin implement this new info into our teachings to help students to be more effective.”

Rebekah Hollenberg, LMT

“SOMI’s incredible amount of knowledge and data made huge difference in how I treat treating injury-chronic problems of my clients.”

Elizabeth A. Price, LMT

“Dr. Ross deserves a medal of honor for having the fortitude and vision to bring us to a level of expertise in this country where we are operating as amateurs.”

May Hawthorn, LMT

“SOMI’s training changed my techniques and treatments from ‘intuition’ or ‘guessing’ to theory and application based on scientific data.”

Tianna Beebe, LMT

“I’ve been working clinically for about 10 years. Dr. Ross was a breath of fresh air as he was the first person in ten years that I felt like I could really learn a lot from.”

Kristin Martelli, LMT

“SOMI is completely changing how I practice massage. They are adding clinical depth and scientific knowledge to my techniques and ability to help my clients.”

Asheley Wade, LMT

“SOMI enhances everything on every possible level!”

Maggie Mlynarczyk, LMT

“This is what I have been searching for 16 years!”

Lorraine Ippolito, LMT

“Thank you for all my moments of learning growth and challenges for the benefits of helping my clients!”

Henrietta Valentine, LMT

“SOMI gave me a broader spectrum and deeper understanding of how different clinical modalities complement each other.”

Victoria Thomas, LMT

“Now I am able to help those with medical conditions. I am moving away from Swedish and putting my practice into use for those who need it medically.”

Jennifer Palmer, LMT

“This is where I want my practice to go 100%. I also able to share fundamentals of Medical Massage Theory with my massage school students creating better therapists.”

Jennifer Chason, LMT, CMMP

“One can practice and practice massage and be very proficient yet not be able to create stable clinical outcomes. Having medical massage skills takes massage to a whole new level be resolving the root cause instead of treating the symptoms.”

Mary Ann Maloney, LMT

“SOMI already has enhanced and provided me with the clinical tools I needed to open my own clinic and help patients out of pain and dysfunctions with scientifically based methods and techniques.”

Teresa Brumble, LMT, CMMP

“I am definitely amazed by the knowledge and practical advantage SOMI’s program will add to my practice.”

Barbara Alvarenga, LMT

“SOMI will allow me to contribute more to the chiropractic office I belong to. It will give me the opportunity to educate and help so many patients.”

Thua Koebeck Black, LMT

“SOMI has completely changed my massage practice! I will be a lifelong student of this incredibly important institution.”

Kristi Tidwell, LMT, CMMP

“Thanks to SOMI I am working to shift my entire practice toward a Medical Massage model. This work is transformative for me, and I can see great benefits to my clients.”

Marly Shaffer, LMT

“This is the most important class in medical history. This class totally changed my outlook on massage therapy.”

Magdalena Hernandez, LMT

“Dr. Ross is so informative in each small detail. I am learning new methods, new techniques. I am learning science behind everything I do.”

Sherri Franklin, LMT

“It is exciting to work with international information and science backed data. It gives me confidence and it is the most exciting thing that has happened.”

James Dyson, LMT

“SOMI validates medical massage as a viable treatment option for patients with pain and dysfunctions. Medical massage work is personally fulfilling and financially rewarding.”

Dolores Champaign, LMT, CMMP

“I can’t wait to get back to my office and start practice what I’ve learned. Thank you for EVERYTHING!”

Jesslynn Armstrong, LMT

“SOMI’s training finally elevates my position in life as a health professional. Thank you!”

Kaulana Edward Scalise, LMT

“SOMI’s evidence based methods and techniques have enable me to facilitate positive results with my clients. I can’t speak enough about SOMI and positive impact it creates in our profession.”

Christina Loya, RN, LMT, CMMP

“SOMI’s comprehensive lessons allowed me to view the body more as a whole entity and better understand the complex relations between systems and tissues.”

Andrew Taylor, LMT

“SOMI helps me to become a better clinician and maximize my patients’ functional outcomes. Training gives more clinical tools in my toolbox.”

Juan Renoj, PTA

“Dr. Ross is excellent, brilliant and superb!”

Marlene Schwarth, LMT

“It is very important to me that training is clinically proven and researched. It gives me all confidence I need.”

John Maxwell, LMT

“I am SOMI’s student for life! So grateful for your patience and expertise to assist me in my professional growth.:

Yulia Chekan, LMT, CMMP

“I aways know that science matters but I’ve never found any source explaining the exact sequence of doing this or that way and why.”

Persephone Boyd, LMT

“I plan to open my own clinic to practice Medical Massage.”

Jesus Tabares, LMT