Hello Rosanne Hoffren,

SOMI, will see you at CLIENT EVALUATION TRAINING CAMP for CMMP certification requirements, February 16th, 2018 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm the Thursday prior to the weekend training.  This personal training with Dr. Ross is your first of the two required – 4 hour class sessions.  This training will demonstrate how to use the Client Evaluation sheets to find the source of your clients’ problems.  This will be held at the same location as the 3-day Medical Massage seminar. 

 Prepare to have some fun playing games that will help you learn and remember how to accurately and efficiently evaluate a client’s condition with the recommended Evaluation Forms.  In preparation you’ll want to review three articles from the Journal of Massage Science at or you can find these articles and the Clinical Interview Form in the Video Library in the box on the left titled “Evaluation of Soft Tissues.”  

  • Issue #1, 2012 Science of Clinical Interview
  • Issue #2, 2015, Science of Visual Observation
  • Issue #4, 2015 Science of Palpation

At the bottom of the Science of Clinical Interview article you will find a CLINICAL INTERVIEW FORM. 

Copy this 8 page Evaluation Form and bring it with you.  I am also attaching the 3 page condensed form for your convenience in the future but Dr. Ross would like you to work with the 8 page form from the website with him and until you are used to using the information. Have fun and enjoy honing your ability to accurately evaluate your client’s condition. 

CONGRATULATIONS on being one step closer to CMMP Certification!!! 

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.