Dear readers

Welcome to the September/October issue of theJournal of Massage Science. We hope that you will find a lot of helpful, practical information in this issue.

In July our Journal participated in the 70th Annual Convention of the Florida Massage Therapy Association.

Our Person of the Month is Dr. J. Muscolino and we greatly appreciate his valuable contribution to the science of massage therapy.

In the Sports Massage Section of our Journal we published a very important article for those who are interested in the science of sports massage. This part of the massage therapy profession carries so much controversy that one article may clarify only some aspects of it. However, we think the author did an excellent job informing our readers about the scientific aspects of sports massage and illustrating its basic concept.

This issue concludes our four-part article, Science of Trigger Point Therapy, in which you will find the scientifically based protocol of Trigger Point Therapy presented in video format.

Also, we recommend you to pay attention to the Case of the Month, which offers very interesting ideas concerning scar treatment presented by a practitioner from New Zealand.

As usual, the Bad Apples/Good Apples section of JMS will provide valuable critiques of articles published during past two months.

Sincerely, Dr. Ross Turchaninov, MD

Category: Letter From The Editor