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Issue #4 2015 CMMP

We’re turning things upside down with the new CMMP Master Certification program and we’re having a ball doing it!  What a GREAT time everyone had at the Scottsdale seminar initiating 3 new LMTs into CMMP M

Medical Massage’s Rich History

Many researchers and practitioners contributed to the field of Medical Massage. Learn about the methods that have withstood the test of time.

Incredible Results with Medical Massage

Read these Inspiring Stories... The results are typical!

A Welcome from Dr. Ross

The authority and scientific mind behind Science of Massage Institute.

Building the $100,000 Practice

Our Massage Therapists students consistently have practices that earn $100,000+ a year through Medical Massage.

About Our Logo

Our logo symbolizes the soul of this project. The letter M indicates massage; the two serpents represent the twin roles — preventive (stress-reduction and therapeutic massage) and medical (medical massage

Editorial Board

Ross Turchaninov, MDDr. Turchaninov graduated with honors from the Odessa Medical School in Ukraine in 1982. He was admitted to the residency program of the Kiev Scientific Institute of Orthopedy and Rehabilita