Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to Issue #3 (2011) of Journal of Massage Science. We prepared an interesting issue for you.

Our Person of the Month for this issue is Paul Greear, LMT. In this section of our Journal we are trying to introduce you to interesting people and contributors to the massage therapy profession. As you have read in previous issues of JMS our subjects represent different fields of the massage therapy profession from great educators and scientists to editors and practitioners. We think that Paul’s professional success and experience which he shares with our readers is inspiring, but at the same time full of real life because he represents all of us who work in the field trying to help people who sometimes have given up hope of getting well. His story is also the story of struggle in the medical environment when frequently massage therapy is misunderstood and mistrusted. We hope that you will appreciate Paul’s interview the same way as we enjoyed our communications with him.

In the Therapeutic Massage section we continue the series of articles started last year which examine scientific data on How Massage Heals the Body. In this and the upcoming issue we will discuss what mechanisms massage therapy uses to improve blood circulation by triggering local and general vasodilation. In Part I we concentrate on the mechanical effect of vasodilation and ischemic compression.

In the Medical Massage section we decided one more time to come back to the topic of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction. In 2010-2011 we published four articles on this subject but we didn’t discuss the issue of intra-oral treatment of TMJ for legal reasons. Gail Falzon, RN contributed an excellent article on this subject and we are sure that our readers who work with clients with TMJ problem must read this piece. It will make their work easier and what, is even more important, more successful.

Our Case of the Month is contributed by Boris Prilutsky from Los Angeles. It is great example of excellent professional thinking and reasoning. This case is what medical massage is all about: a combination of simplicity and great clinical effectiveness. You will greatly enjoy it.

In this issue we welcome an article from an award-winning expert on advertising and marketing, Clete Preuss. As many practitioners are aware, the slower economy has greatly affected their businesses. It is especially true for massage practitioners who have just graduated from school. This article gives practitioners a lot of tools and ideas on how to inexpensively market their businesses and increase revenue in this tough economy.

Our Good Apples/Bad Apples section guides you to good and helpful articles published in major American trade journals as well as those you should skip.

Dr. Ross Turchaninov,

Editor in Chief

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