I had my first case of False Cardialgia Syndrome (FCS) yesterday.  The day before, one of my regular patients was rushed to San Antonio Hospital from South Texas with acute chest pain.  He spent three days in there doing all kinds of cardiac tests and evaluations.  He was released with the docs scratching their heads as to what happened and what to do next. Basically he was told that everything is fine with his heart and let’s wait for another episode.

He arrived at my office last night. After talking with him and his wife and listening to his complaints, I realized that there is a chance that it wasn’t his heart which triggered the chest pain. I had reviewed all the information in Medical Massage Volume I and II regarding Medical Massage protocols for cardiac disorders and potential triggers of his chest pain and I realized that I was dealing with FCS.

Actually, I read the symptoms to my patient and his wife from the textbook.  They were amazed especially when they realized his symptoms indeed got significantly worse while adducting his left arm. I also performed the Davis Test and that was 100% positive and we all suddenly realized that it was FCS.  (The Davis Test is the application of  vertical pressure on the tip of spinous processes of T1-T7 vertebrae. The test is considered positive if during its application the intensity of chest pain increases – by JMS.)

I actually placed Volume I on my stool, opened to the FCS chapter and followed the protocol precisely.
When I finished the protocol……ALL SYMPTOMS were gone.  That is to say all chest pressure and pain, GONE!   All left arm pain, GONE!  Happy patient?  ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!

The patient was amazed that FCS is in the Medical Massage book.  He sends his most heartfelt regards to you.

Dr. Ross, I have said this to you many times but it bears repeating….YOU HAVE TRULY CHANGED MY LIFE AND THE LIVES OF MY PATIENTS. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Kurt Lezanic, LMT

1. The evaluation and treatment of patients with FCS must be done only after the cardiac abnormalities are ruled out. This is exactly what happened with this patient.
2. Up to 20% of patients are rushed to the ER with acute chest pain due to FCS.
3. Chest pain associated with FCS exactly mimics acute cardiac troubles since soft tissues in the chest share the same innervation with the heart. This is why the clinical symptoms are so confusing.
4. Medical Massage protocols provide immediate moderation of pain intensity and several sessions of its re-application completely eliminate the problem. In this particular case it worked even after one session.

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