Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to Issue #4, 2016 of our Journal of Massage Science. We hope that you will enjoy the information in this issue.

Our Person of the Month is Daniel Lopes, CMMP, LMT, who successfully practices Medical Massage in Colorado Springs. In a very short time Daniel was able to build a successful Medical Massage practice where he cooperates with local physicians and helps patients with a variety of somatic pain syndromes. In this interview Daniel shares his educational and clinical experiences, advertising strategies and tips on how to work with local physicians.

We need your help in choosing the winner of our Case of the Month contest. Please review and vote for one of the clinical cases submitted in 2016 by Mary C. Regan, CMMP, LMT; Carole Suzanne Jackson, BS, MA, LMT; Nichole Hernandez, LMT and Dolores Champagne, CMMP, LMT. The winner you choose will get check for $500 and a Certificate of Recognition from the Science Of Massage Institute.

In our News From the Clinic section we share with you interesting cases we’ve recently observed in our clinics in Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Antonio and Daytona Beach.

In the Science of Therapeutic and Stress Reduction Massage section we’ve published a very interesting article entitled “The Role Of Body Ergonomic In Stress Reduction Massage” by Tom Owens. It describes the body support system he developed and the results of a medical study of ergonomic support of the client on the massage table during the session. The results of the study will surprise you the same way they surprised us.

In the Science of Sports Massage we’ve published Part I of “Sports Injuries And Micro-Traumas Of Athletes” contributed by Othon Molina PhD, LMT. Article covers general principles of sports trauma as well as immediate tools to help injured athletes.

The Case of the Month for this issue of JMS is contributed by Dolores Champagne, LMT, CMMP. The case she submitted to JMS describes her success in the Medical Massage therapy of a patient with a complex clinical picture developed as a result of an Unspecified Connective Tissue Disorder she was diagnosed with.

As always, you will learn a lot of helpful information in our Good Apples/Bad Apples section of the Journal.

Happy Holidays for all our readers! Health and Happiness!

Dr. Ross Turchaninov, Editor in Chief

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