There are four major national massage publications in the United States, which is more than any other country. Each publication tries to inform massage practitioners on a wide variety of topics. During 2016, the Editorial Board of JMS reviewed articles published in all four massage journals in order to direct readers to the most valuable publications and indicate the authors who made mistakes or unscientific claims.

For those massage practitioners who would like to experience and learn from scientific publications which cover massage and bodywork and are recognized by the international medical community, we recommend the following two sources:

International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (Editor Antony Porcino, Ph.D.)
Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies (Editor Dr. L. Chaitow, DO, ND)

First we would like to state what we didn’t review:

1. We didn’t review articles which discussed the spiritual aspects of massage therapy. We think that this equally important side of massage therapy is very well presented. The reader may find a great variety of articles on this topic.
2. We didn’t review any political articles. We are a completely independent source and we are not associated with any massage therapy organization or association. We are here only for the science of massage.
3. We didn’t review articles on Asian medicine, despite the fact that we try in our Journal to build bridges between Western and Eastern concepts. We are sure that the split between both views is unfortunate and was forced on practitioners by misunderstanding and miscommunication widely supported by many authors and educators.

We reviewed only articles that are scientifically based or claimed to be based on science. A year of reviews has allowed us to formulate our own opinions about each national publication, and we would like to share them with our readers. We gladly agree to publish responses or comments from authors or editors in future issues of JMS.



Congratulations to the Editorial Board and Leslie L. Young, Editor-in-Chief of M&BM for receiving JMS’s Annual Appreciation Award for 2016!

Each year M&BM continues to deliver scientifically grounded information to therapists. This magazine publishes six times per year and it has print and digital versions. Each issue of M&BM is greatly illustrated and it also provides video illustrations in its digital version.

However, what makes M&BM different is its contents. This is what a professional publication should look like. It’s supposed to lift readers and educate them to make them better therapists so they can help more people.

The M&BM offers a great variety of topics, from clinical cases to theoretical pieces to various techniques and articles which touch issues in massage therapy no other publications have mentioned or are even aware of.

The articles are well written and nicely illustrated, which helps readers better understand and implement the articles’ content. Overall M&BM does a great job and has significantly contributed to the further development of the massage therapy profession in the USA.  For example the September/October issue of Massage&Bodywork Magazine offered excellent articles on the subject of fascia, its role in somatic functions and treatment options.

The only issue which casts a shadow on M&BM in 2016 is articles by Til Luchau. It is difficult to understand what happened, but the quality of this author’s publications in M&BM has decreased dramatically. “Working With Sacrum” (M&BM Nov/Dec 2015) is to say mildly controversial and the article, “Working With The Sternocleidomastoid” (M&BM July/August, 2016) is an educational disaster. Although the Editorial Board carries some responsibility for these pieces, we think the author should be held primarily accountable.

Despite these small setbacks, the Editorial Board of M&BM deserves a lot of credit, especially compared to Editorial Boards of other massage publications.  We wish for the Editorial Board of M&MB to continue to be agile, curious and constantly challenging their readers! Our congratulations for a job well done!

Editorial Board of Journal of Massage Science

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