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Welcome to JMS’ first issue of 2022! We are grateful for the support of all our readers from across the world. Read on for a sneak peek into this issue’s content: 

Our Person of the Month is Luis Fernando Carreras Perez, LMT. Luis’ submission, Medical Massage vs Chronic Viscera-Somatic Disorders, won JMS’s 2021 International Case of the Month competition. 

In the Science of Medical Massage section, we published one clinical and one theoretical article to illustrate the clinical application of Medical Massage from different perspectives. 

The first article, ‘A Case Study of Somatic Disaster Due to Multiple Open Chest Surgeries‘, comes from our former student Michael Devo, LMT, CMMP. Michael details one of the most complex cases a therapist can encounter and how he used Medical Massage to save his patient’s life following a heart transplant.

The second article, ‘Periostal Massage Part I: Structure and Function of Periosteum’, by Dr. Ross Turchaninov, discusses an incredibly efficient Medical Massage method called Periostal Massage.  

In the Case of the Month section, SOMI’s latest Medical Massage Certification graduate, Jennifer Chason, MS LMBT, CMMP, shares her clinical case ‘Medical Massage vs Chronic Middle Back Pain with Intercostal Nerve Neuralgia‘. Aside from illustrating the clinical value of Medical Massage, Jennifer demonstrates an important aspect of SOMI’s training: a treatment strategy is not set in stone and a therapist must have enough expertise and an understanding of the patient’s body to constantly adjust and adapt the treatment protocol. 

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Dr. Ross Turchaninov, Editor in Chief 

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