We are happy to inform our readers and students that the new therapist graduated from SOMI’s Medical Massage Certification program. Heather Selby, LMT, CNMT, CMMP, joined the family of therapists who successfully work on patients with complex cases of somatic dysfunctions.

Heather and her partner Veronica Selby LMT, CMMP, who recently graduated from our Program, have already opened their clinic and built a Medical Massage practice based on clinical solutions.

Dr. Ross Turchaninov

Heather Selby, LMT, CNMT, CMMP

I initially started massage school because I was looking for a profession that provided a very specific environment. I suffered chronic daily headaches, chronic migraines and easily get overstimulated by my environment. Specifically noise and light. I was determined to find another way to gain my independence and get off disability.

When I found the National Holistic Institute, College of Massage Therapy in California everything seemed to fit perfectly. I could work in a dim and quiet space. I could work one on one with individuals without the distraction of other conversations going on at once. I could help provide a unique safe space and understanding for others that deal with chronic pain without fear of judgment or gaslighting. 

This has also created a drive to learn as much as possible by continuing my education. The more knowledge and skills from a variety of modalities I have the better I can customize to my clients needs.

Gaining my Medical Massage Practitioner Certificate from Science of Massage Institute in Phoenix AZ has been a life changer. I first heard about them through my wife Veronica Selby LMT, CNMT, CMMP. We are so excited to open our own studio in Mesa Arizona. One of my favorite things about this career is I feel like I can make a difference not just in someone’s day but in someone’s quality of life.


2014: Licensed Massage Therapist from National Holistic Institute College of Massage Therapy, Santa Ana, CA

2015: Advanced Neuromuscular massage therapy & Health Educator program from National Holistic Institute College of Massage Therapy, Santa Ana, CA

2024: Certified Medical Massage Practitioner from Science of Massage Institute, Phoenix AZ

My Contact:

Office Cell: 480-382-2537

4111 E Auto Dr Suite 201 Mesa , AZ

Directions: 60fwy, Greenfield exit to Baseline, Big red building. 2nd floor. Elevator available

Website: Selbymedicalmassage.com 

Email: Selbymedicalmassage@gmail.com

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