Dear Friends and Colleagues,

1. Welcome to Issue #2 of our 2015 Journal of Massage Science. We have prepared an exciting issue for you and hope you’ll find it an informative and useful resource.

The Person of the Month for this issue is Karen Mooney, LMT, who recently got her PhD degree for her scientific work on the clinical effect of Medical Massage on patients with Fibromyalgia. Karen is an expert in Medical Massage and we think her opinion is very valuable.

Our section, News From The Clinic, gives readers the opportunity to learn from the cases we work with in our clinics in Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Antonio.

In the Medical Massage section we offer two articles:

The Science of Visual Evaluation is written by Dr. Ross Turchaninov and it is our second piece on examining a new patient. The first article, “The Science of the Clinical Interview,” we published in Issue #1, 2012 in JMS.

Using a step by step approach, the article guides the therapist though the evaluation process from the first visual contact with the patient to the time the palpatory examination begins.

Part II of MDL for Ascites Symptoms Management,” written by John F. Mramor, LMT, digs deeper into the subject of MLD as a clinical tool to help patients with Ascites. The article describes the mechanisms MLD therapy employs to drain Ascites and presents the Case Study on this topic.

In the Case of the Month section Rabel Mangahas, LMT, contributed the article, Medical Massage vs Physical Therapy and shares his clinical case of treating a patient with Lower Back Pain complicated by peripheral neuropathy by using Medical Massage – and the unfortunate intervention of incorrectly applied PT. This contribution illustrates quite dramatically that the correct sequence of somatic rehabilitation is a critical factor in the quick recovery of the patient. Am incorrectly chosen strategy can significantly affect the patient’s condition and delay treatment outcomes.

As usual, in our Good Apples/Bad Applessection, you’ll find many helpful tips in our reviews of articles published in four major national massage publications: Massage & Bodywork Magazine, Massage Today, Massage Magazine, and Massage Therapy Journal. Our suggestions will guide you concerning which articles are accurate and thorough and which are to be avoided.

2. Due to many requests from LMTs, chiropractors, PTs and other health care professionals, we’re pleased to announce that we are now offering a Certification program in Medical Massage. By joining our program you become part of a very selective group of highly trained professionals from around the world. It’s yet another powerful pathway we offer for serious practitioners who want to help people and at the same time substantially elevate their careers – and their incomes. Please check out our new CMMP page on this website.

3. If you would like to take your first Medical Massage seminar, enhance your MM credentials or accumulate enough expertise to become one of our Certified Medical Massage Practitioners (CMMP), below is a list of our Medical Massage seminars scheduled for the remainder of this year.

Each two- or 3-day seminar is conducted by Dr. Ross Turchaninov, Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Massage Science. Since we try to give each student as much personal attention as possible, we recommend you book early to secure your spot in these upcoming Medical Massage CE seminars.

Orlando, Florida.  June 6-7, Everest University

Superior, Wisconsin.  June 27-28, Yoga Tree Studio

Largo, Florida. August 1-2, Everest University

Long Beach, California.  August 29-30, American Career College

Tucson, Arizona.  September 19-20, Cortiva Institute

Nashville, Tennessee.  October 3-4, Mind Body Institute

Scottsdale, Arizona.  November 13-15, Cortiva Institute

Ontario, California.  December 5-6, Everest College

4. If you are interested in studying Sports Massage and extending your practice in this direction, we highly recommend you look into Oleg Bouimer’s seminars. You can find more information at

As always, your feedback is important to JMS and is very much appreciated.

The Science of Massage Team

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