Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the new issue of JMS. This is our first issue in 2016 and we continued some very important conversations which we started in 2015.

Our Person of the Month is Dr. Jeff Cullers, DC, CMMP. Dr. Cullers was our Person of the Month for issue #3, 2015. However, since his Case of the Month submission was chosen by our readers as the winner, we are following JMS’ established tradition of asking the Winner of the Case of the Month contest for an interview. We asked Dr. Jeff’s opinion on other subjects and we hope that readers will learn from his expertise. We greatly appreciate all four therapists for their excellent submissions to our Case of the Month contest.

It is a tradition that at the beginning of year we choose the best massage publication in the USA based on the quality of articles and our reviews in the Good Apples/Bad Apples Section of JMS. You will find which publication received our Appreciation Award for 2015.

In our News From the Clinics section we share with you interesting cases we observed in our clinics in Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Antonio.

In the Medical Massage Section we’ve prepared for you three very important articles.

1. The Part 2 of article, Science of Palpation,” covers science of palpation during examination of skin and Connective Tissue Zones in the first level.

3. The article Exploring The Role Of Peripheral Mechanisms: A Theory-Based Approach To Reducing Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia” is contributed by Karen Mooney, LMT, PhD and it describes a study she conducted to examine the effect of Medical Massage on patients with Fibromyalgia. Currently there are PhDs who are massage practitioners and they practice and teach other therapists. Karen represents the new generation of massage scientists since her work was awarded a PhD for a purely Medical Massage topic and this is the first such case in the USA.

The Case of the Month for this issue of JMS is contributed by Mary Regan, CMMP who is a Medical Massage practitioner from Daytona Beach, Florida. Her submission, “Medical Massage vs Bicep Brachii Rehabilitation and Other Ailments,” emphasizes that Medical Massage is the most integrative approach to therapy, allowing practitioners to successfully address various medical conditions using a variety of clinical tools.

As always you will learn a lot of helpful information in our Good Apples/Bad Apples section of the journal.

2. Our Medical Massage Certification program started several months ago has really taken off. We continue to work with those therapists who are currently enrolled into the program and we hope to significantly increase the number of CMMPs in 2016.

3. We followed our students’ suggestions and in 2016 we will offer 3-days Medical Massage Seminars. Therapists can choose different topics. New topics this year are TMJ Dysfunction, Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

We’re also introducing a completely new one day training: Hands-on Basic Training in Medical Massage. It injects science into basic therapeutic massage, allowing therapists to work more effective and efficiently. The seminar is almost an entire day of hands-on training going over the most effective and gourmet massage techniques to make the therapist highly competitive in the field of preventive massage therapy. After evaluating the technical potential of students in our seminars, we also found that intense hands-on training in variations of basic massage techniques is very helpful for a future successful Medical Massage practice. This is why we decided to fill this gap and accelerate therapists’ readiness for Medical Massage applications.

Here is the schedule of our Medical Massage Seminars for the remainder of 2016: 

April 1-3, Scottsdale, Arizona

April 22-24, Denver, Colorado

June 10-12, Inverness, Florida

July 15-17, Long Beach, California

July 22-24, San Jose, California

August 5-7, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

August 19-21, Tucson, Arizona

September 9-11, Chicago, Illinois

September 23-25, San Diego, California

October 7-9, Seattle, WA

October 21-23, Dallas, Texas

November 4-6, Scottsdale, Arizona

3.The Science of Massage Institute’s (SOMI) new instructor, Dr. Jeff Cullers, will be teaching Medical Massage and hours accumulated from his seminars will be recognized by SOMI as part of our National Medical Massage Certification. For his schedule, please visit his website:  You will also find a schedule of his seminars on our website:

4. For Sports Massage Seminars and certification offered by O. Bouimer, LMT, CMMP, please visit:

5. As always, please follow us on Facebook at the Journal of Massage Science where we have interesting professional discussions weekly.

 Dr. Ross Turchaninov, Editor in Chief

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