By Mary Preuss, Director of Services SOMI

Our summer Medical Massage 3-day seminars spanned the country with events in Long Beach, Pittsburgh, Tucson and Chicago. Everywhere we went we were welcomed with open arms and enthusiastic, ready-to-work-and-learn LMTs who were a joy to teach.

In each of the seminars the first day was critically important, whether you practice Therapeutic, Sports or Medical Massage. This was a hands-on day to learn what science teaches us about the foundation of all massage. After this one day of hands-on training most attendees contact us to let us how impactful this was to their Therapeutic Massage practices. Their clients swooned over these simple changes. Yulia Chekan, LMT said, “This is revolutionary and very, very important for ANY body worker.”


SOMI’s students and Dr. Ross Turchaninov after Medical Massage Seminar in Tucson, AZ

The second day was mostly a lecture day with a little hands-on to explain and understand the Medical Massage concept. With this understanding therapists can approach clients or anyone in the medical profession to explain how and why clinical results are so predictable. Petra Barten, LMT stated it this way, “Understanding the science provides an explainable solid base that makes me credible.”

The third day was another hands-on day to learn the step by step protocols to successfully treat different pathologies per seminar. In these four seminars the focus subjects were Chronic Headaches, Lower Back Pain, Chronic Cervical Pain, Anterior Scalene Muscle Syndrome, Piriformis Muscle Syndrome, TMJ Dysfunction, and Shoulder Joint/Rotator Cuff. We will be adding new focus subjects next year so be on the lookout! Gina Titus, CMMP, LMT, wrote, “I have taken several classes and it has immediately increased my income. I am so amazed at the great results that I get every time!”


SOMI’s students and Dr. Ross Turchaninov after Medical Massage Seminar in Pittsburgh, PA

Among the attendees of these seminars were a number of talented, dedicated LMTs who are enrolled in our Certification Program to become CMMPs. For more information on Master Certification in Medical Massage (CMMP) click here.

Kristin Smith, LMT wrote, “Medical Massage will help me reach new people on a whole new level. I’m far more competent as a massage therapist now, even before I earn my CMMP certification.” Then she thanked SOMI for the many support tools we provide.

And let’s not forget how convenient it is for the practitioners on the East Coast to take Medical Massage classes from SOMI’s new instructor Dr. Jeff Cullers, DC, CMMP who has been successfully teaching all summer. This was a welcome option for those students who wanted to quickly increase their knowledge and clinical skills. Thank you Dr. Cullers for all that you do.


Dr. Jeff Cullers’ students after Medical Massage Seminar in Plymouth, PA

There are three Medical Massage seminars through the end of this year (Johnson City, TN, Dallas TX and Scottsdale, AZ) with a variety of focus subjects and in two cases, two focus subject days per 3 day seminar. We plan to offer more Medical Massage Seminars and new hands on topics next year and you should start to see the 2017 schedule begin to load under SEMINARS on website soon. Please also consider Dr. J. Cullers seminar schedule at:

Get ready for challenge, excitement and the joy of giving people a new lease on life by easing or eliminating causes of their pains. We will nurture you, provide the tools you need to succeed and become Massage Clinicians.

Thank you all for connecting with us on Facebook and keep reading the Journal of Massage Science. The Science of Massage Team wishes you all the best.

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