Dear Friends and Colleagues,    

        Welcome to JMS Issue #2 of 2020. We appreciate the support of our readers from all around the world. Here is the content of the current issue we hope you will enjoy:     
            Our Person of the Month is Luis Carreras, LMT from Mobile City, Alabama. Luis is SOMI’s current student and he shares with our readers details of his very interesting professional journey into the field of Medical Massage and massage education. 

            In the Science of Medical Massage section we published Part I of Dr. Turchaninov’s article, ‘Science of Medical Massage Therapy: Introduction To The Reflex Zones Concept.’ In this article we start a critically important conversation on the nature and mechanisms of reflex zones formation in the soft tissues. This professionally vital topic is completely missed in all publications which are trying to cover clinical aspects of massage therapy. We are going to fill this information gap. 
            In JMS’s Marketing Section we published Part II of the article, “Master The Massage Business Mindset.” This piece was submitted to the journal by our former student Cory Fairchild, CMMP, LMT who is also expert in 21st Century marketing for the health business.  
              In our Case of the Month section, Gerry Ivanov, LMT from Geneva, Switzerland shares with readers the results of the treatment for a very complex clinical case, “Integrative Therapy Vs Severe Spondylosis And Function Lost.” It is a very unfortunate misconception that complex cases of somatic abnormalities can be decisively treated with this or that modality.

            This unfortunate notion has been greatly enforced in therapists’ minds by different educators who are trying to promote their own partial views on correct treatment strategies. The clinical reality is much more complex and the case Gerry sent to JMS is an excellent illustration of the integrative nature of somatic rehabilitation when different techniques and modalities are combined to solve even sometimes unsolvable clinical cases. 

            Finally, as usual, you will find a lot of helpful information in our Good Apples/Bad Apples section.   

Dr. Ross Turchaninov, Editor In Chief

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