Dear friends and colleagues!

We welcome you to the second issue of the Journal of Massage Science. We greatly appreciated your comments regarding, and interest in our first issue. We were thrilled with your responses and your excitement, and we greatly appreciated your feedback. It justifies our efforts, and proves that there is a great number of practitioners out there who seek information on the scientific application of preventive and medical aspects of massage therapy.

This second issue of our journal deals with many important topics, from what would seem like a simple matter such as how best to begin a relaxation massage session — with the client positioned on the back or on the stomach? — to the critically important topic of the science of trigger point therapy.

I highly recommend that you pay close attention to the article: “How to build your practice through working with physicians. Successful marketing using massage science.”

The brochure which we have prepared for you as a separate link at the bottom of this article is there for you to print out, bind, and distribute in local medical offices. This brochure will greatly assist you in the building of a referral base of local physicians. Information is power, and we are there to provide you with this potent marketing tool to assist you in building your practice.

As usual, you will find a lot of helpful information in the Good Apples/Bad Apples articles-review section of the journal. It will guide you to the publications and articles you should read, and to those we feel you can, without anything lost, skip. We don’t play politics, and we are committed only to science, and to the success of your practice through it.

Don’t be shy to send us more of your opinions and suggestions. If you have found our journal a helpful source of information, do spread the word among friends and colleagues. We aspire to forming a professional community where members have the opportunity to find answers to any questions and, thereby, have the possibility to enrich each other.

Welcome to our March/April 2009 issue!

Sincerely, Dr. Ross Turchaninov, MD

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