Thank you for all your letters. They provide us with much needed support and we really appreciate your feedback. We promise to assist you in building up your professional career in every possible way. Here are some of your letters:

I am following and using many ideas from the protocols and from the journals, with excellent success, both with pain relief for my patients and with the expansion of my business.

What has happened is that every session has been enhanced with medical massage. It is sort of a new way to see the body. It is a new way to approach every body that is on the massage table. I have started to work much lighter, but with more focus. I study the ‘Medical Massage’ textbooks every day. I study the video protocols on the site also.

The articles on the site have been very valuable to me. I read the ‘Face Up or Face Down’. I have stared EVERY client face up since reading that. It has made a huge difference. My previous way was ALWAYS face down.

Then I read about varying the massage to keep it new. Not to keep doing the same things over and over, because people will go to other therapists. So from that moment on, every massage has been different and exciting for each person every time. It is more fun for me, too and I get to practice all of my ‘new’ therapeutic massage moves.

What a breath of fresh air you have been. I love to read every word of your site. I watch for the new journals and read them, every word. The ‘Good Apples, Bad Apples’ is very good too, but since I do not get all of those magazines, when you say something is good, I always get something from it. Thank you, it is good to have you there in support of us all!

Novella Kennedy, LMT, North Carolina

I would like to share with you as to how I used your brochure, which was published in the current issue. My business is at least 30% down compared to the same time last year. After reading your article and seeing your brochure I decided to give it a try.

As you advised, I found the family physicians and pulmonologists in my neighborhood. I printed 15 brochures on my printer with cover letters and dropped them on the front desks. I waited a week with no response. I printed another ten brochures and left them in the offices of other physicians on my list. I did not get any response either.

I was disappointed and thought to give up the entire project. However, in a couple of days I got a call from the PA from the local pulmonologist’s office. She told me that the doctor asked her to talk with me. I went to the office and she told me that the doctor was very impressed with the materials I’ve sent, and he asked her to talk with me first. Before meeting I refreshed my anatomy and physiology of the pulmonary system and especially anatomy of respiratory muscles. I adjusted my massage routine to concentrate on the respiratory muscles, so I was prepared for the talk. It went very smoothly and she said that she would recommend my services for the doctor.

In a couple of days I also met with a doctor and we discussed ways I can help her patients. I have my own business and I wasn’t interested at this point to work in her office, plus they don’t have a spare room for the treatment. To make a long story short, in the first two weeks I’ve got four new clients (three with emphysema, and one with chronic bronchitis) and I worked five times on each new client. The clients felt much better especially those who had emphysema.

Now the doctor pushes me to work in her office two times per week. They renovated the storage room and made it the therapy room. I can’t say thank you enough for the brochure and your great help. I hope that many practitioners will do what I did.

July Moble, LMT, California

I would like to say that I greatly appreciate receiving your new journal. I just read the ‘Trigger Point’ article and look forward to the follow-up next month. I have, in particular, enjoyed the ‘Good Apples/Bad Apples’ section of the journal. It has alerted me to articles I missed, such as Art Rigg’s on treating knee pain, and it has caused me to review articles that I had read previously (such as Eric Dalton’s on patella pain). It’s been a very interesting to review the ‘Bad Apples’ articles from a different perspective.

Thank you again! The journal is a wonderful resource, and I expect to spend hours on the web reading its contents.

C., LMT, Maine

I wasn’t able to use your Video Library because your website does not support MAC’s. I used a PC in our spa to read and see the videos in your Journal. I was so impressed with what I’ve learned so far and was able to apply to my regular clients that I went out and actually bought my own laptop! The massage techniques from the left door are incredible!

Kate Wilson, LMT, Oklahoma

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