Dear readers,
Welcome to Issue #2 (2011) of Journal of Massage Science. Starting this publication we will be changing the numbering of JMS future issues. Our readers in the southern hemisphere correctly pointed out that using the name of the season to identify new issues is confusing for them. This is why we will use numerals for the issues in 2011. Here is brief summary of this issue’s content.

More and more scientific research is done in the massage field. Some studies are well designed and greatly contribute to future development of the profession while others lack a strong scientific base. This is why we chose Dr. Christopher Moyer as Person of the Month for this issue. His pioneering work already has impact on scientific research in massage therapy field and we think that he has a lot to share with our readers.

We continue to publish materials on Pediatric Massage and in this issue we presented an article on the subject of Massage developed by Professor A.M. Aksenova, MD to help infants who suffer from Perinatal Asphyxia. If you work in the field of Pediatric Massage this article will equip you with a very important and clinically effective method of rehabilitation.

In the Medical Massage Section we published the review of modern scientific sources, which examined the effect of massage therapy on cancer patients. This review was contributed by our Jordanian colleague, Mrs. Majd Hussein, RN. This article is part of her PhD work.

Case of the Month is a great contribution by Karen Mooney, MA, CMT who shared with our readers her clinical case when MEDICAL MASSAGE PROTOCOL was able to help the patient with Congestive Heart Failure recover when other modalities failed.

As always, you will find a lot of helpful information in our review section Good Apples/ Bad Apples Section.


Dr. Ross Turchaninov

Editor in Chief

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