Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to Issue #2, 2012 of JMS. We hope that you will like its content.

Our Person of the Month is Larry Heisler, LMT. He is an exceptional massage practitioner and teacher who has dedicated his educational career to students who are interested in the medical aspects of massage therapy. His North Jersey educational center is well known and respected.

In the Therapeutic Massage Section of JMS you will find a very interesting article by Eva Scherer from New Zealand. This article is dedicated to the role massage therapy plays as an alternative approach to the prescription of various medications for children with ADD, ADHD and Autism.

In the Medical Massage Section of the JMS, we begin a three-part article on medical massage management of Chronic Headaches and Migraines. In this issue we cover the basic concepts associated with Headaches and Migraines and discuss the most common mechanism of their development from the medical massage point of view.

In the Case of the Month Section of the JMS you will find a superb contribution by Patrick Ward. We are sure that you will enjoy it the same way as we did and learn a considerable amount of valuable information from this great contribution.

In the Good Apples/Bad Apples Section Section, you will find reviews of articles from current issues of major U.S. massage publications. We hope that you will find guidance to important articles you may have missed.

Dr. Ross Turchaninov,

Editor in Chief

Category: Letter From The Editor