Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the issue #3, 2012, of the Journal of Massage Science. Every article in this issue will provide readers with important practical information designed to assist you in your practice.

Our Person of the Month for this issue is Karen Mooney, LMT, who won our Case of the Month Contest for 2011. We are certain our readers will enjoy interview with this talented therapist who practices medical massage while conducting important scientific research on the same subject that will benefit the profession of massage therapy.

In the Therapeutic Massage Section of JMS, readers will find an informative and thought-provoking article about the association of various massage techniques with different colors by patients. K. Krawczyk and Prof. P. Tomasik from Cracow College of the Health Promotion, Poland, contributed the article, “Perception of Color.”

In the Medical Massage Section of JMS, readers will find Part II of our article “The Role of Medical Massage in the Clinical Management of Chronic Headache.” This article discusses the diagnostic evaluation of patients with chronic headache and migraine from a massage therapy point of view. Pictures and videos illustrate the article, which provides as much information as possible for the diagnostic examination of clients suffering from these abnormalities.

Our Case of the Month contribution comes from Alberta, Canada. Ed Liepert, RMT, shared with our readers his expertise in the evaluation and treatment of patients with Scoliosis using the IBP Test and Neuromuscular Therapy.

As always, you will find considerable important information in our Good Apples/Bad Apples Section of JMS in which we review and grade articles published in national massage publications from the massage science point of view.


Dr. Ross Turchaninov,

Editor in Chief

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