Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the Issue #1 of JMS for 2013. We hope that this year will bring you health, happiness and professional success! We also hope that you will enjoy this issue, and that it will open new doors in your wonderful profession.

In this issue, we reveal the best massage sources in the United States. Also, we gladly present the Editorial Board of this publication with our 2012 Appreciation Award.

Our Person of the Month is Ani Papazian, LMT whose contribution to the Case of the Month contest was chosen by you. As part of JMS’s tradition, we asked the Winner to share with the readers his or her life experience and professional expertise.

In this issue, we feature two articles in the Medical Massage section. We continue with the series on “The Role of Medical Massage in the Clinical Management of Chronic Headache.” Part IV of this article is dedicated to the step-by-step presentation of MEDICAL MASSAGE PROTOCOL for the Chronic Headache in video format. We use our Video Library as a primary source of videos but we significantly enlarge description of each step.

We are fortunate that Dr. T. Mitichkina, M.D., Ph.D. decided to contribute excerpts from her recently published excellent textbook: Rehabilitation of Patients with Pneumonia. In this issue, we begin publication of the article: “Medical Massage in Cases of Pneumonia,” which is based on part of Dr. Mitichkina’s textbook. The author graciously agreed to write a more detailed version since many concepts from her textbook are little known to our readers. Part I of the article is dedicated to the theory that explains the therapeutic impact of medical massage in cases of visceral diseases including patients with pneumonia.

The Case of the Month for this issue is contributed by Bojo Shestich, LMT, MMT from Phoenix, Arizona. His article “Shoulder Pain vs. Silent Killer” is an excellent example of the clinical decision-making ability. We hope you will enjoy it and learn from your colleague’s experience and expertise.

In our Good Apples/Bad Apples section of JMS readers may find considerable helpful and useful information presented in the form of reviews of articles published in major national massage publications.

Dr. Ross Turchaninov,

Editor in Chief

Category: Letter From The Editor