Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to Issue #3 of 2013, JMS. We have prepared exciting issue for you, and we are hoping that you will find it helpful and resourceful.

In the Sports Massage Section, we have published article “Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage As A Form Of Sports Therapy” by Jeni Spring, LMT. We think that article presents the readers a different professional take on sports massage practice from Eastern massage school.

In the Medical Massage Section, we published Part II of the article “MEDICAL MASSAGE PROTOCOL For The Treatment Of Patients With Pneumonia”. The Part I of this article we published in Issue #1 of 2013. The article is written by by T.V. Mitichkina, MD, PhD and Ross Turchaninov, MD and is based on Dr. Mitichkina’s book which is widely used in Russia as a textbook for continued education of pulmonologists and physiatrists in medical massage.

Our Case of the Month contributor is Angela Bitting, BA, LMT. Her article “Medical Massage vs Twelve Years” illustrates clinical possibilities of medical massage even in old cases when it seems like all possibilities were used but the patient remained in pain. Angela deserves a lot of credit for clinical reasoning and to never give up until stable clinical results are achieved.

As usual, in our “Good Apples/Bad Apples” section you may find many helpful tips in our reviews of articles published in four major national massage publications: Massage & Bodywork Magazine, Massage Today, Massage Magazine, and Massage Therapy Journal.

Dr. Ross Turchaninov,

Editor in Chief

Category: Letter From The Editor