We had an unusual case for the medical massage application. The patient had a severe case of left side Trigeminal Nerve Neuralgia for almost 5 months due to the nerve compression by the arterial loop inside the skull. Despite the intensive drug therapy the symptoms got worse. Eventually brain surgery in form microvascular decompression was performed. After the surgery the patient was in a lot of pain which were controlled by pain medications. However the most devastating symptom for the patient was loss of hearing on the surgery side. After stitches were removed we saw the patient for the first time.

Considering the intensity of the pain the Lymph Drainage Massage was only treatment option. While working around the scar the patient started to feel less pressure behind the ear at the area of surgery. When the patient got up she immediately noticed some hearing improvement in the left ear. Next day we did only LDM with massage techniques which use air pressure to affect pressure in the inner ear. As soon as patient got up she had 50% hearing restoration. After third session the hearing was completely restored!


1. If you encounter the patient after the brain surgery due to the Trigeminal Nerve Neuralgia start LDM around the surgery area as soon as stitches removed. It greatly decreases local edema and it helps to make scar more elastic.

2. LDM may assist patients in quicker restoration of hearing

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