Recently we received several e-mails from Curt Lezanic, LMT, CMMP, who successfully practices Medical Massage in his clinic in San Antonio, Texas. Curt is among a few Science Of Massage Institute’s alumni who besides successful somatic rehabilitation has advanced professional expertise to the level needed to expand his practice into the application of medical massage therapy in cases of inner organ disorders.

This contribution is an excellent example of what clinical potential Medical Massage has and how much therapists who know what they are doing can help patients. We preserved Curt’s original writing.

Dr. Ross Turchaninov


Dr. Ross,

If you remember I wrote about a patient who had had hip surgery to fix a labrum issue in her hip socket. As I detailed in that report, I eliminated her hip pain in just a few sessions. Since that time, she comes to see me about every six to eight weeks for a “tune-up” and to resolve any other issues that may have developed.
Almost two weeks ago, she called again to say that she was in need of a “tune-up,” meaning that she could feel a little tightness in her low back. We scheduled her in the next day. When she arrived, we went over what she was feeling.

Just as I was about to step out of the room so that she could get on the table, she said to me, “You seem to be able to fix anything and I have an issue that my doctor cannot get resolved.”

She went on to tell me that she had developed a bladder irritation which her doctor thinks is a bladder infection. However, the medications had not brought any relief. After a couple of weeks on the medications her doctor had her change her diet to eliminate all caffeine and spicy foods and told her that job stress may also be playing a part with this issue. She changed her diet and still no relief from the bloated feeling and pain.
I told her that I might be able to help. First I went to page 8 in the Medical Massage Volume I book to see which nerves innervated the bladder. I quickly realized that there may be a connection between her hip surgery and her bladder issue. Based on the diagram on page 8, I asked her if she was experiencing any constipation or changes in her bowels. As I expected, she said ‘yes’.

I then performed the Dermographism Test which showed excessive red dermographism exactly as it was shown on slide during Medical Massage Seminar.

It confirmed my thoughts that lower back is the cause of her bladder irritation.

I used protocol from Medical Massage Volume II, finished the treatment and stepped out of the room. When the patient came out of the treatment room, the first thing that she said was for the first time in weeks she felt no abdominal bloating and bladder irritation. It was the first time in several weeks she didn’t have the constant urge to urinate. As usual, I gave her some “homework” to do.

I told her to call me in a couple of days to tell me how she was progressing. Two days later she called and reported that she had no reoccurrence of the unpleasant feelings and overall she was much better but not perfect yet. She then wanted to know why she wasn’t perfect yet. I told her that we had calmed down the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system and now her medications and diet changes would fix her bladder. I told her to continue to do her homework and call me in five days if she wasn’t better.
I am happy to report that I have not heard from her. I do not expect to hear from her for another six to eight weeks for her normal “tune-up.”
Dr. Ross, I think that I was correct on this bladder issue.  After my treatment, her symptoms seemed to have been immediately resolved. If I am wrong please correct my thought process. Thank you again for all that you have done for my patients.

Your humble student,
My bladder patient texted me to say that her bladder issue is fully resolved. It has been 3 weeks since I treated her and it is now fully resolved. She said that there have been no issues since I treated her. Just thought that you would like to know.
Secondly, I told one of my doc how I figured it out.  He was very impressed. Impressed to the point that he asked me to teach him how to do the Dermographism Test. Imagine that…one of your students teaching a medical doctor how to care for his patient.

I hope that you are as proud as I am!!!!

Your humble student,


Dr. Ross,
Truthfully, I was blown away by my own success. So I have tested several more women who have ongoing bladder issues and who didn’t respond to medications. I am happy to report that I now have a second success. This lady also tested positive for Red Dermographism and the result has been the same. She reported that even after a week since the treatment she has no pain, irritation or bloated feeling. It seems that the Dermographism Test is the key to figure out the treatment’s necessity!

Thought that you would like to know.



1. Medical Massage must be part of therapy for any chronic visceral disorder since it always carries a somatic component.

2. Of course the infection is the first reason for the irritation of the urine bladder. Thus the treating physician was absolutely correct to address it with proper therapy. However, when this doesn’t work other triggers should be considered. This is exactly what Curt did. Using a simple Dermographism Test to examine pattern innervation of the skin which shares the same level of innervation with the urine bladder, he was able to completely solve a visceral disorder using Medical Massage.

3. How was it possible? The mild chronic irritation of the peripheral nerves which supply the soft tissues and affected inner organ (in this case the urine bladder) triggers secondary pathological changes in the soft tissues in the form or so-called reflex zones and they interfere with the function of the inner organ.

Detection and elimination of reflex zones is the responsibility of Medical Massage therapists since only they have the clinical tools especially designed to do that.

4. This case is a great example of where Medical Massage can take a persistent and professionally curious therapist.

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