1. Our readers chose Dr. Jeff Cullers’ submission as the best Case of the Month for 2015. 85% voted for his contribution: Medical Massage vs The “Silent Killer”. Our congratulations to Dr. Cullers!

The Editorial Board expresses deep gratitude to Shea Shulman, LMT from Florida (Medical Massage vs Chronic Elbow Pain), Rabel Mangahas, LMT from California (Medical Massage vs Physical Therapy) and  Matthew Nogrady, LMT from Florida (Medical Massage vs Chronic Headaches Layered with Somatic Pathologies) for their excellent submissions to the Case of the Month Section of JMS in 2015.

2. We’re happy to inform our readers that our Editorial Board invited Kara Mirarchi, CMMP, LMT to became its new member. Kara is the head of the Massage Therapy program at American Carrier College in Long Beach, California. We are sure that she will be exceptionally helpful since she will bring her expertise as a massage educator and a school director to our journal.

3. Clete Preuss, who is head of the SOMI marketing department, now takes on additional responsibility as editor of JMS and also as a new member of the Editorial Board.

4. We finished all the scheduling and topics for Medical Massage Seminars in 2016. All details are available on our SOMI’s home page under the title: ‘Seminars’. This year we added another topic for hands-on training: TMJ Dysfunction, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis/Golfer Elbow

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