Our heartiest congratulations to Gina Titus, LMT from Santa Monica, California for becoming our newest Certified Medical Massage Practitioner (CMMPs). This takes work and dedication with a lot of practice, practice, practice and we applaud you!


Gina Titus, CMMP, LMT


Gina believes in using alternative ways of healing people first and using modern medicine as a last resort. She has witnessed pharmaceuticals used as a bandage for pain. Now she can treat her clients with the proper protocols and eliminate the pain and change the lives of her clients. She said: “This course has taken my abilities to a much higher level. It has given me the ability and confidence to discuss with clients what I find in the evaluation and to explain what we can do about it.”

Welcome those of you (and there are many) who will become CMMPs by the end of the year. We strive to give you science-based information, professional training, encouragement, the support tools and anything else you need from us to incorporate Medical Massage into your practice. Let us know what you need. For more detailed information about the CMMP program click here.

Everything starts with a single step but first make sure that that step is the right step for you to take. Check the validity of the information to make informed decisions that are right for you. Examine and research every seminar program and trainer, get their resources and then check them, what support material will you need and is it right for what YOU need to succeed. Examine every book, DVD, and CD that you intend to spend your time and money on. Now you know that that step is the perfect one for you and your future and you’ll have confidence in your decision. This will propel you forward until your goals are met and you are living the best life you can.

The Science of Massage Team wishes all our CMMPs and therapists who close to finish our program all the best!

Mary Preuss, Director of Services SOMI

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