Dear Friends and Colleagues,    

         Welcome to JMS Issue #2 of 2018. We appreciate the support of our readers from all around the world. Here is the content of the current issue we hope you will enjoy:    

         Our Person of the Month is Mary Biancalana, MS. Edu., CMTPT, LMT from Chicago, IL.  Mary is an exceptionally skilled therapist and very dedicated educator who shares with our readers her clinical and teaching experiences and work as past president of the National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists

         In the section Introducing Our New CMMP we proudly present a recent graduate of our Medical Massage Certification Program, Rita McRay, LMT, CMMP from Hermitage, TN. Besides being an exceptional therapist, Rita has greatly contributed to the further improvement of SOMI’s Medical Massage Certification Program. 

         In our News from the Clinic section we share with you interesting cases that we have recently observed within our Phoenix, San Antonio and Spring, TX partner clinics.    

         In the Medical Massage section of JMS we have published two important articles:  

“The Placebo Effect And Its Role In Massage Therapy, Part II” is written by B. Prilutsky, MA, LMT and our Editor In Chief, Dr. Ross Turchaninov. This article is a follow up to Part I, published in the previous issue of JMS. Part II covers principles of healthy activation of the Placebo Effect as a first step to clinical rehabilitation of patients with various somatic pain syndromes.  

The second article in this section, ‘Energy Work In Massage Therapy: Exploring The Eastern Perspective’ puts a spotlight on the same topic, but from the Eastern point of view. The article is contributed by Charles Soupios , LMT who had exceptional training in Eastern Healing art and science and he shares with our readers a fountain of knowledge and expertise.    

         In our Case of the Month section, one of our current students, Sarah Waldhorn, LMT from Pennsylvania shares with our readers an interesting clinical case, “Medical Massage vs Chronic Bilateral Lower Back Tension.”  

         Finally, as usual, you will find a lot of helpful information in our Good Apples/Bad Apples section.     

Dr. Ross Turchaninov, Editor in Chief  

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