Eulogy to Dr. Leon Chaitow, DO

(1937 – 2018)

Our profession experienced unreplaceable loss – recent death of great physician, scientists, educator and author – Dr. Leon Chaitow, DO.

Dr. Chaitow belong to generation of giants like Dr. Travel, Dr. Simmons, Dr. Janda and other physicians and scientists who shaped modern somatic rehabilitation. With his departure we will miss great advocate of treating the whole patient instead of endless fragmentation of profession and useless quest for so called ‘new’ techniques which in fact are repackaging of same ideas including Dr. Chaitow’s.

Despite his unfortunate death he will continue to leave with us since his work directly or indirectly influenced therapists, scientists and educators who practice somatic rehabilitation around the world. We all knowingly or unknowingly use principles of manual work he once formulated and established.

Dear Dr. Chaitow – Rest In Peace!

JMS’s Editorial Board

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