Anterior Muscles of the Lower Leg: Exploring Structure, Function, & Energetic Concepts. Massage Today. 2018, 18(6).

By Lynn Teachworth, BS, LMT, KMI, GIFT

A very good article about anterior leg muscles. What is missing is the fact that tension in anterior leg muscles, besides being a local pathology as a result of trauma or overload, is frequently triggered by mild irritation of the spinal or peripheral nerves which supply the anterior leg muscles. That completely changes the treatment strategy.

Choosing Our Words Wisely … Language Matters. Massage Today. 2018, 18(6).

By Tracy Walton, LMT, MS

This article is about correct communication with the cancer patient regarding Oncology Massage. Indeed, what therapists are saying and how they are communicating with patients is a critical component of the MT profession. This is why JMS has dedicated so much time to this subject in 2018. This article puts light on the same agenda but from a different perspective.

Adverse Neural Tension: Treating Painful Nerve Disorders. Massage Today. 2018, 18(7).

By Whitney Lowe, LMT

A very good article on the very important subject of peripheral nerve irritation as a trigger of soft tissue pathologies.

The 4-Faced Troublemaker: Treating the Quadriceps Femoris. Massage Today. 2018, 18(7).

By Debbie Roberts, LMT

This is a very good article which covers quadriceps muscle pathology and its treatment options. The only piece of clinical data missing is how to evaluate and how to treat the client if tension and active trigger points develop in the quadriceps secondarily to the mild irritation of the femoral nerve. This is a very frequent scenario if there is no trauma or muscle overload are the triggers.

Stretching & Clearing the Common Bile Duct. Massage Today. 2018, 18(8).

By Dale G. Alexander, LMT, MA, PhD

A good article on the issue associated with abdominal massage.

The Three Types of Ankle Sprains. 

By Whitney Lowe, LMT

A good article which reviews ankle sprains. The article would have even more value if a treatment plan was presented. Mentioning cross fiber friction is not enough to address ligament damage and instability. 

The 4-Faced Troublemaker: The Frustrater (Part 2). Massage Today. 2018, 18(8).

By Debbie Roberts, LMT

Part II is even better than Part I. However, the reflex mechanism of quadriceps femoris tension isn’t covered.

Long Term Solutions for Ganglion Cysts. Massage Today. 2018, 18(8).


This article covers ganglion cysts, their formations and treatment developed by the author. He describes two clinical cases with softer and more advanced ganglion cyst. It is true that in early stages soft tissue manipulations may decrease or sometimes eliminate cyst.      However, the author describes a case of advanced ganglion cyst which he eliminated with soft tissue work based on his own developed method of so called Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Releases (CSCDR). With all respect, such a statement is clinically inaccurate. Did the author get rid of the ganglion cyst? Maybe, but it wasn’t the result of CSCDR. He simply busted the cyst during his soft tissue manipulation by applying pressure on it. In the 19th century the ganglion cyst was called the ‘Bible Cyst.’ A thick book such as a Bible was used to hit the cyst and rupture it. We’re sorry to disappoint the author, but it was direct pressure on the cyst rather than CSCDR that did the job.


Changing Direction Consider the Less Obvious. Massage&Bodywork Magazine. July/August, 2018 

By Douglas Nelson

Good case study.

Massage Therapy’s Potential for Muscle Regrowth and Remodeling. Massage&Bodywork Magazine. July/August, 2018 

By Niki Munk, PhD

This is an exceptional article and every therapist who practices the clinical aspects of MT must read it. Thank you!

Scoliosis. Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy Treatment. Massage&Bodywork Magazine. July/August, 2018

By Joseph E. Muscolino, DC

A great article as usual by this author who consistently delivers spotless pieces.

Are You A Placebo? Massage&Bodywork Magazine. July/August, 2018

By Til Luchau

A good article for Placebo/Nocebo effect which we covered and continue to cover in JMS in 2018. We are really happy that JMS’s publications trigger other authors’ thinking, personal growth and research.

Biomechanics of Tendon and Ligament Tissue. Massage&Bodywork Magazine. July/August, 2018

By Whitney Lowe

A very good article on tendons and ligaments from the MT perspective.

Postural Plasticity. Brain Stem Activation for Upper-Crossed Syndrome. Massage&Bodywork Magazine. July/August, 2018

By Erik Dalton, PhD

Very good article!


Massage And Headache Relief. MTJ, Summer 2018 44-49

By Renee Zagozdon

This article is on a very important subject since MT, especially Medical Massage therapy, is the ultimate clinical solution to Chronic Headaches not associated with True Migraines. Unfortunately, the article itself is a very unimpressive piece since it doesn’t deliver any substance besides very basic and known facts. It will fit into publication for the general public but not for professional journals. 

for Science of Athletics

 for Sports Massage

The Sports Massage: The Science of Athletics. MTJ, Summer 2018 44-49

By Steven Furch and Marcella Durant

This is a well-researched article about the Science of Athletics. It provides a lot of important data and should be used by therapists as a great reference. The authors deserve a lot of credit for putting everything together in such an informative way. Thus, the article is an excellent source for the Science of Athletics.

At the same time the article completely fails on Sports Massage, a topic which is part of its title. Of 26 pages of text and references Sports Massage was addressed only on half of a page! Even this half of the page the authors used to address only the issue of the therapist staying within the scope of practice. It seems that the authors are completely unaware of the science of sports massage accumulated within the last 100 years.

Massage Therapy for Dystonia. MTJ, Summer 2018 44-49          

This is a case study for MT used for Dystonia treatment. M. Lipnicki who conducted the therapy deserves all credit for solving a complex clinical case using an integrative approach to the treatment. 

What is upsetting is how the Editorial Board of MTJ decided to present Mrs. Lipnicki’s clinical case. Instead of giving her all freedom to share with readers her patient’s case, what she observed and did, MTJ decided to describe what she did in almost a laymen presentation. It dramatically decreased the practical value of the case and under-presented the work of skillful therapist.


Tape Movements, Not Muscles. Massage Magazine, 264, May 2018

By Adam Wolf, PT, LMT, FAFS

A very good introductory article on the clinical application of kinesio-tape as an initial pain controlling tool. The value of the article is even in its title. Many therapists tape muscles while the author presents the only correct way of taping application.

Thumb’s Pain. Massage Magazine, 264, August 2018

By Til Luchau

This is a very basic article on as the author put it, ‘thumb’s pain.’ There are other reasons for thumb pain besides tension in carpal tunnel, but they weren’t mentioned. Also, despite that the recommended therapy is part of a larger rehabilitation picture, only its application in cases of carpal tunnel has very limited clinical value.

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