Massage Therapy and the Opioid Crisis Some Open Doors—Are We Ready to Go Through? Massage&Bodywoork Magazine, March/April, 2019

By Ruth Werner

The entire country is in the middle of an opioid crisis due to the greed of big pharma and absence in American Medicine of even a basic employment of massage and bodywork as natural pain control treatment options. This article overviews the problem from MT perspective.

Patellofemoral Joint. Massage&Bodywoork Magazine, March/April, 2019
By Christy Cael

A very good article!

Seeing Clients Through an Evolving Lens. Massage&Bodywoork Magazine, March/April, 2019
By Lynn Teachworth and Ann Teachworth

A very interesting article to read.

Fascial Dysfunction. Massage&Bodywoork Magazine, March/April, 2019
By Dr. Leon Chaitow

This is the last article by a great physician, scientist and educator who unfortunately for our entire profession recently passed away. His article is followed by a very good piece from his daughter, Sasha Chaitow, where the functions and role of fascia are further discussed.

Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction. Massage&Bodywoork Magazine, March/April, 2019
By Whitney Lowe

A very good and informative article. We may only add that tendinitis of the posterior tibilais muscle may contribute to the tension in the tarsal canal and sensory and motor deficit on the bottom of the foot.

Ironing Out the Jaw. Massage&Bodywoork Magazine, March/April, 2019
By Ian Harvey

This article discusses one of the techniques to address tension in TMJ. It is only an introductory technique and is not enough to produce stable clinical results. Tension in masticatory muscles needs to be addressed with a variety of techniques, especially if the therapist plans to restore normal bite which is affected in all patients with TMJ dysfunction.

Understanding Inflammation and Pain. Massage&Bodywork Magazine, March/April, 2019
By Til Luchau

A good theoretic presentation of correlations between inflammation and pain, but the practical part is very general and doesn’t have significant clinical value.


De Quervain’s Syndrome and Finkelstein’s Test. Massage Today, 19(4), 2019
By Ben Benjamin, PhD

A short and to the point article on evaluation of patient with Quervain’s Syndrome.

Helping Massage Clients Recover from Ankle Fractures. Massage Today, 19(5), 2019
By Debbie Roberts, LMT

A good case study of the rehabilitation of a fractured ankle.

Massage & Stress: Understanding Viscerosomatic Reflexes. Massage Today, 19(5), 2019
By Dale G. Alexander, LMT, MA, PhD

A very good introductory article on the importance of viscera-somatic reflexes. These reflexes contribute to the reflex pathological changes in the function of soft tissues, called the reflex zones. Reflex zones form in the soft tissues if they share the same innervation with the inner organ affected by chronic visceral disease. This clinical phenomenon is a result of precursors of the soft tissues and inner organs share same location in the body of embryo. For example, right shoulder pain and dysfunction of the soft tissues frequently is associated with chronic abnormalities in the function of the liver and gallbladder. There are many similar viscerosomatic reflexes the therapist should consider.

However, one critically important element of viscerosomatic reflex is missing in the article. While these reflexes indeed are responsible for the soft tissue abnormalities developed secondary to the chronic visceral disorders, they also should be used as a treatment tool. When therapists restore function of the affected soft tissues, he or she also alters further development of chronic visceral disorder which originally triggered reflex zones formation. Thus, the presence of reflex zones in the soft tissues developed as a result of viscerosomatic reflexes as the foundation for the clinical application of Medical Massage in cases of chronic visceral disorders.

Restoring Your Health with Massage Therapy after a Car Accident. Massage Today, 19(5), 2019
By Dr. Brent Wells, DC

The subject of this article is important but the article itself is very general and basic with limited clinical value.


Myofascial Release. Massage Magazine, 274, March 2019
By Waltz Fritz, PT

This is an informative article on MR application on the diaphragm.

Orthopedic Massage. Massage Magazine, 275, April 2019
By James Waslaski, LMT

This article does a good job of introducing the therapist to Orthopedic Massage. The author also compares Orthopedic Massage and Medical Massage. Indeed, some similarities exist. However, there are two main differences:
1. Medical Massage relies strictly on scientific data and publications while Orthopedic Massage is still personal opinion. It still needs independent clinical verification which we hope will eventually happen.
2. Medical Massage has a much wider clinical application beyond orthopedic testing and examination. For example, Medical Massage is an exceptional clinical tool in cases of chronic visceral abnormalities or it helps patients with diseases of CNS, etc.

Stretching Techniques. Massage Magazine, 276, May 2019
By Aiyana Fraley, LMT

This article very generally introduces the readers to different types of stretchings and it makes all of them look almost similar with the same benefits. It would be better if the article gave readers a clear sense of difference between discussed stretchings and rules of the clinical application.

Kinesiology Taping. Massage Magazine, 276, May 2019
By Drew Freedman, LMT

This article covers kinesiology taping and the author puts scientific ground under the commonly used therapy.

A Hands-On Approach To Relieve Scoliosis Pain & Stiffness. Massage Magazine, 276, May 2019
By Jimmy Gialelis, LMT

This article provides a good overview of Scoliosis and available treatment options including MT.


Integrative Health Care and Massage Therapy. MTJ, Spring 2019
By Keith Border

Massage has always been part of medicine and it was pushed out of American Medicine in the 1950s by the pharmaceutic revolution and wrong ideas that equipment can deliver better results than manual work. A recent trend indicates that MT is slowly getting back on the radar of modern medicine, partly due to the opioid crisis. This article discusses MT as part of integrative health care and it gives readers important references and general ideas of MT’s future within modern medicine.

Pregnancy and Massage. MTJ, Spring 2019
By Susan Salvo

A very good and informative article!

Massage Therapy for Patients with Cancer. MTJ, Summer 2019
By K. Borher

This article summarizes the effect of full body massage sessions on oncology patients. It also provides a list of references which can be used by therapists. However, the article still addresses only part of Oncology Massage with Oncology Massage Rehabilitation not even mentioned.

Restoring Balance. MTJ, Summer 2019
By Marcella Durant

This article is about postural balance, especially in the older population. It is indeed an important subject but the article itself is very general with limited practical information.

Massage Therapy for Medial Epicondylitis in a Guitarist. MTJ, Summer 2019

This article presents results of a clinical case study by Sadie Friesen and she deserves a lot of credit for doing great work. The article could be a good educational tool for other therapists if it was written by the person who actually did the therapy. However, MTJ has a very strange way of presenting clinical cases and it greatly diminishes their value. Instead of giving the chance to Sadie Friesen to write and present this clinical case by herself, MTJ chooses to tell readers about her work. It is one thing to hear from the therapist about the case with all the clinical details and it is a completely different story to read someone who never saw or worked on the client.

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